NetDocuments is 16th highest rated app on Salesforce AppExchange

October 19, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

It has been over three years since the NetDocuments/ integration was developed and listed on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Over that time, NetDocuments and Salesforce have built a strong base of joint customers that are leveraging the power of SaaS to handle their CRM and content management needs.

There are currently 811 apps listed on the AppExchange and the NetDocuments app continues to be one of the most popular and highly rated:

1. NetDocuments is the 16th highest rated app on the AppExchange.

2. It is the 58rd most popular app in the last 30 days (As of Oct 15th).

3. It is the 53rd most popular app of all time.

There are currently 25 total reviews on the AppExchange from customers that have integrated NetDocuments with Salesforce. One user said, "NetDocuments if a very easy to use and works great within Salesforce. We are able to access files in NetDocuments without opening another site. It is very convenient."

The NetDocuments go-to guy for all things Salesforce related is Marc Duncan. He has been helping customers implement this integration since it was developed and has seen very good results.

"There is a lot of buzz about the NetDocuments/Salesforce integration and it is all justified…these two services integrate so well together and really create some excitement. And when it comes to working with NetDocuments/Salesforce customers, one word comes to mind…'excited.' Once they see how comprehensive and powerful the integration is they begin to get very excited about the possibilities it brings."

Since it was founded, Salesforce has been a leading advocate of SaaS and cloud computing technology and is touted as the world's number one sales application.