New Microsoft Office Integrations with ndOffice™

March 18, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

NetDocuments has reengineered native Microsoft Office integrations to function entirely inside the Office applications, including the streaming versions of Office 365 Web Apps. Metadata tagging (profiling), file open, file save and folder and workspace navigation are all now available directly within the Office application.

"NetDocuments ndOffice brings document management inside Word, Excel, and Power Point to offer end users an integrated and seamless experience while working with NetDocuments," said Leonard Johnson, vice president of marketing and product management at NetDocuments. "With no more switching back and forth between these applications and the browser, users can now manage versions, apply profile and security templates, open recent documents and perform global searches all within the Microsoft Office user interface."

One of the critical challenges for document management is the consciousness users must have in proactively checking in documents to the online repository. NetDocuments ndOffice eliminates this action by automatically routing every save – not just after the final document close – into NetDocuments' service. "This is an unprecedented convenience where a local application can save documents directly to our cloud-based service," added Johnson. Call or email to learn more 1-866-638-3627