Open Letter to CIOs and CTOs

June 20, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Open Letter to CIOs everywhere:

As you've surely noticed, technology isn't just changing the functions of your employee's jobs, it's blurring the lines of work and life altogether by giving them a choice over how and where they work. We've all seen the stats, for example:

  • There are over 1.97 billion Internet users worldwide.
  • 294 billion email messages per day.
  • In just 9 months, 1 billion iPhone apps have been downloaded.
  • Every minute, another 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • There are 55 million tweets per day.
  • 25 million iPads have been sold to date.

Today, work styles have become as unique as your people and your technology should reflect that. But you have choices, option #1 is to continue with the status quo. Option #2 is to embrace change and leverage the web and new technology to allow employees to be flexible enough to react to their clients needs in the most optimal way possible.

If you go with option 1, click here, if you like option 2, continue reading...

I'm guessing your employees probably have their iPad sitting in the briefcase just waiting to use it for more than Facebook and Photo Booth. You've also probably got multiple devices with separate information that has to be uploaded and downloaded to share across those devices and with others but want a centralized repository for all of their documents that is secure and accessible form anywhere.

We are witnessing this everyday at NetDocuments, from both large and small customers who want their document work available wherever they are—at work, at home, at the client's site, and the local café.

An office manager of a law firm using NetDocuments recently stated, "A lot of our attorneys are now able to work from anywhere, when they are at home or at the office." Another attorney stated, "Now that I'm with NetDocuments, I don't have to worry about [servers and back­ups]. That is the best thing about it. You've got multiple redundant back­ups built in so I don't have to worry about backing up, saving, back­ing up, saving and then keep worrying about if it is still working or not."

Welcome to the cloud connected business person. At NetDocuments, our vision for that worker is one that can work anywhere. Her document work is backed up and protected from disaster…even that hard drive crash. Document sharing with the office and her clients is simple with no hassles. The ability to check in and out documents and create versions when necessary manages the sharing of documents with others easier. Knowing that her documents are physically stored in redundant data centers brings the peace of mind and security infrastructure one needs when choosing the right cloud vendor and technology partner to work with.

The world is on the web…your employees are on the web...your firms will be someday…welcome to someday.

Post written by @DannymJohnson of the @NetDocuments marketing team.