Ride a wave within NetDocuments

September 10, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

At the end of August, at Ilta '09, the NetDocuments management team announced the development of a Google Wave integration. The release of the integration will coincide with the Google development plan.

This announcement has sparked the interest of many people excited about the potential of Google Wave. One of these people is the Google Wave blogger. When Google announced Google Wave, he immediately saw the potential it offered and started his blog. One of his first posts was titled, "5 Things Wrong with Google Wave." Number four on that list was lack of integration with MS Office. However, he saw a solution to that problem when he heard about what NetDocuments was doing.

In a newer blog post titled, "(Google Wave + NetDocuments) = (Google Wave + MS Office)," he wrote how NetDocuments will offer future Wave users the option of using Google Wave while continuing to use MS Office.

"This potentially solves a part of the problem they have of offering a MS Office solution to business. As I mentioned in '5 Things Wrong with Google Wave', business will not like the idea that they now have to adopt Google Docs in order to use Google Wave. This provides one alternative, I think Google still needs to find a solution that is not web-based but this alternative I think will be wildly popular..."

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If you would like to be one of the first to try Google Wave, on September 30th Google give 100,00 people testing accounts. Request an invitation to be included in that group.