SaaS Business Profile Series

September 28, 2009
Salt Lake City, UT

Kevin Dobbs from Montclair Advisors writes a very informative blog titled, "Smart SaaS." Over the past year he has been highlighting different SaaS companies in his "SaaS Business Profile" series. This week he featured NetDocuments, and interviewed its CEO Ken Duncan to get content for the article.

When asked about emerging trends in the SaaS industry, Ken Duncan touched on the benefit of SaaS for SMB's:

"Indirect channels are becoming very important to the SaaS industry. The major trend we see is that SaaS now makes it possible for the large industry players like Microsoft, Google and EMC to reach the SMB market much more effectively. Over time these large firms are going to either form partnerships or acquire companies who have figured this out. New ISV's are not only trying to figure out how to build Software-as-a-Service businesses, but also trying to create compensation plans that drive business for them and their channel partners."

The article also gives a brief history of NetDocuments and its management team, as well as describes the market that NetDocuments is in.