NetDocuments Further Advances the Security and Compliance of Its Trusted Cloud Platform

January 31, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

New advancements address critical security, compliance, encryption, and infrastructure challenges facing law firms and corporations

NetDocuments (nd), the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments, announced today several initiatives addressing key aspects of security, compliance, encryption, and infrastructure facing law firms and corporations. These include the achievement of SOC 2+ certification of the NetDocuments platform; enhanced end-to-end application-layer search index encryption and cryptography; and next-generation erasure coding data storage infrastructure for improved data security and high availability.

The major advancements below, which are all a first for any legal DMS solution, reinforce NetDocuments’ commitment to continually leading the legal industry through a world-class security platform, accessed and leveraged by all of NetDocuments’ global customers.

  • SOC 2+ Certification – In addition to NetDocuments SOC 2 Type 2 certifications and other compliance achievements such as FIPS 140-2 Level 3, SEC/FINRA, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliance, the NetDocuments cloud-based application and platform have gone through an additional level of SOC 2 standards known as SOC 2+, which includes dozens of additional controls and requirements put forth and regulated by leading financial institutions known as the InfoSec Group.
  • Enhanced End-to-End Application Layer Search Index Encryption – For years, NetDocuments has included robust application-layer encryption of documents and the full-text “word” search index content in the data store repository. Recent advancements allow for an added level of encryption at the bit string-level of the search index managed by the application layer of the search engine. In an unprecedented move for legal DMS solutions, NetDocuments’ comprehensive search application-layer encryption utilizes next generation encryption technology for true data cryptography across the entire global search index.
  • Erasure Coding Data Storage – Data stored across NetDocuments’ cloud infrastructure now leverages erasure coding storage technology for increased security, redundancy, and high-availability compared to traditional data center replication. In addition to erasure coding storage technology in the NetDocuments cloud platform, customers also have the ability to store data for certain matters, clients, and/or regions in local private data centers or in any Azure data center location worldwide using the recently announced ndFlexStore flexible data storage options.

“In addition to exciting product announcements that highlight our mission of innovation and usability, we continue to put an equal focus on security, compliance and infrastructure,” Alvin Tedjamulia, CTO at NetDocuments, stated. “These recent achievements further enhance our market position of providing the most secure, trusted, and proven cloud computing platform for legal content management. The power of our native-cloud technology model allows for a ‘one-to-many’ benefit as we continually improve and enhance our offering for our global customer base and their clients.”

Matt Duncan, CEO at NetDocuments, also commented, “We’re excited to announce these unprecedented security and infrastructure advancements. The depth and complexity of security and compliance problems we’re solving for our global customer base really speaks to the maturity of the NetDocuments platform and the experience our team has in delivering a world-class native cloud-based solution for well over a decade. We’re honored to be in the position we are today, servicing our customers, embracing new firms, and onboarding users at a record pace as the legal DMS market moves to the true cloud and recognizes the power of having a true ‘cloud-first’ platform and vendor partnership.”

NetDocuments will be showcasing recently announced product enhancements as well as security features during this week’s Legaltech New York conference and its annual Executive Briefing event for large firm CIOs.