Sexy Document Management, Software Implementation Strategies, and SaaS

March 16, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT
ndMAX introduces AI-powered solutions that address a range of legal workflows
securely inside NetDocuments, helping legal professionals responsibly adopt generative AI technology.
PatternBuilder MAX, the first product in the ndMAX AI suite, is in full production with select customers and will be widely available in Q3 2023.

Why Document Management is Sexy Again

I've always kind of had a thing for document management, and was very intrigued when I opened up my Google Alert for "document management" recently and saw the headline, "Why Document Management is Sexy Again." After reading the article, I leaned back, kicked my feet up and meditated on how document management is bringing sexy back. Here is what I came up with:

Document archiving and traditional DMS is old and boring...not sexy.

What is sexy about DMS is...

"Social DMS in the Cloud" - elevating the people doing the document work...Collaborating and working together anytime, anywhere, and from any device... Documents are the intellectual assets and the life blood of businesses. Every transaction and deal is culminated in a document. These are "Live" documents, not dead, archived document stored away in the catacombs of servers. These are live documents fueling everyday business transactions and include content in email and in daily conversations and discussions related to projects and customer interactions.

The accessing, organizing, collaborating, revisioning and sharing of this content is what is fun and sexy about Social DMS in the Cloud and is why document management "is the new black."

Software Implementation Strategy

At NetDocuments, new customer rollouts are a common thing, but we understand how important it is and that our rollout strategy be customized for each company depending on their needs and requirements.

Our friends at are doing an interesting survey about the best way to implement new software. They are specifically discussing ERP software, but the same principles apply to SaaS and NetDocuments new customer rollouts.

Houston from Software Advice writes,

Have you been involved in an [software] implementation? Was it successful? We want to hear from you. We are hosting a survey to find out which implementation strategies are the most popular and most successful. We will collect results over the next two weeks and present our findings towards the end of the month.

Read more regarding this topic and take the survey at the Software Advice blog.

More on SaaS

This past week also saw a lot of excellent content regarding SaaS, and rather than apply my lackluster writing abilities to summarizing it all, I've posted links to a few my favorite recent articles:

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