Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth Selects NetDocuments Native Cloud-Based Document and Email Management Platform

April 13, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based document and email management (DMS) provider for law firms and corporate legal departments, announced today that Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth (Stradling) will replace its on-premises DMS with NetDocuments' native cloud-based platform for improved security, compliance, and usability across its 10 offices and more than 130 attorneys.

"The decision to move forward with the NetDocuments platform highlights Stradling's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service to our clients and empowering our professionals with the most modern technology available in the market," Peter Baran, CTO at Stradling, said. "NetDocuments presents the most comprehensive DMS platform for legal, which will play a key role in our security and information governance initiatives while enabling us to achieve the usability, reliability, and mobility our clients and personnel demand."

NetDocuments' single global instance of software, quarterly updates, and service performance transparency were critical factors in Stradling's decision to move forward. Baran continues, "With seamless updates, zero scheduled maintenance downtimes, and a world-class security and compliance infrastructure, NetDocuments ensures a high level of security and reliability, allowing us to focus our time and attention on running our practice and servicing our clients."

"We're thrilled to welcome Stradling to NetDocuments global customer community," Marc Duncan Senior Account Executive at NetDocuments, stated. "Modern cloud-first platforms like NetDocuments are transforming the way firms operate, integrate applications, protect data, and service their clients. Stradling joins a growing community of firms and corporate legal departments who are leveraging native cloud technology to elevate their practice, improve security, and empower their staff and clients with leading productivity tools."