T3 Conference is Financial Advisor Technology Paradise

January 20, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing in life is certain, except death, taxes, and the T3 Technology Conference being the the go-to spot for financial services technology.

David Drucker and Joel Bruckenstein are the brainchildren behind the T3 conference and will be taking their talents to Weston, FL for the 2011 event being held February 16-19. This is the sixth year that the duo has been running the conference and they are extremely excited to see what new innovations will be discussed during this year's show.

"We are introducing several new and exciting sessions that reflect changes in the marketplace," Drucker said in an interview on MSNBC. T3 recently announced the topics that will be covered which include social document management, cloud computing and mobile technology.

Your Perspective

Kristin Luke, owner of Wealth Management Marketing, has been attending T3 for a number of years and understands the value it adds to an advisor's practice.

"T3 is one of the most valuable practice management focused conferences I've attended. The conference schedule allows ample time to network with colleagues and vendors in order to share experiences and best practices, while providing a diverse range of technology focused educational sessions. I highly recommend that any advisor who is considering integrating new technology into his or her business attend T3. Not only will it spark new ideas, but it will save you hours of research required to obtain this same information otherwise."


Sharing and connecting on social media has become an integral part of any large gathering, and it will be no different at T3. The first place to go for all T3 related news is the conference blog. There are also numerous Twitter handles that are must follows including Joel Bruckenstein, David Drucker and T3Fan. The Twitter hashtag for the event is #T32011.

Tools for Today

Attending T3 is like grabbing a chip from your friend's nachos and three other chips are stuck to it. No, you're not abusing your friends kindness, just getting an unexpected freebie. With so much knowledge being shared at T3, attendees will surely get more than they bargained for. Here are a few of the can't miss sessions:

What's New in Document Management Software - We're obviously interested in this panel discussion on Friday at 12:45pm.

Cloud Computing - Another very close to home topic. This session will be lead by Joel Bruckenstein on Saturday at 2:15pm.

Cloud Lounge

NetDocuments is a sponsor of the show and once again we will be bringing the Cloud Lounge to T3. The Cloud Lounge can be found at booth #213 where Marc Duncan, Marriott Murdock and the NetDocuments team will be posted up.

"I love the T3 show as it gives me a great opportunity to interact face to face with all of our wonderful customers and partners." Marc said. "I also love to introduce the incredible power of NetDocuments to a whole new set of financial services professionals…..can't wait!"

You may not attend technology conferences very often, but when you do, I'd suggest T3.

Post written by Danny Johnson of the NetDocuments marketing team