The Tale of Two Cities: LegalTech from New York to New Delhi

February 8, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

NetDocuments gets around – LegalTech NY and LegalTech India, 2011

With the announcement of prestigious law firm, Foley & Lardner, switching from iManage to NetDocuments, our new user interface, and the growing Partner Program, the road was paved for a great Legal Tech conference in both New York and New Delhi.

Happening at virtually the same time, Smart Solutions, one of NetDocuments' Global Channel Partners, represented us at LegalTech India while we managed in New York; the result? Two amazing shows, with lots of exposure, highlighting our recent developments, high-profile clients, and international reach. Here are the thoughts from those who were there…

New York, New York

"LegalTech NY was buzzing with activity this year, thanks in no small part to recent news that the 1,000 lawyer law firm Foley & Lardner is switching from iManage to NetDocuments. Most of those we spoke with agreed that this is the biggest development in the legal content management space in years. Firms of all sizes wanted to see firsthand what is compelling one of the most competent and reputable law firm technology teams (Foley & Lardner's IT team) to embrace NetDocuments." - Matt Duncan, Senior Account Manager, NetDocuments

"Each year we get more interest and requests for demonstrations because speakers and panelist mention NetDocuments as 'the leader in SaaS/Cloud content management'. We surprise many first-time viewers of NetDocuments with our rich feature set and end-user simplicity. People are always surprised that we have been providing SaaS content management for over 12 years; reminding people, we were SaaS before SaaS was cool." - Keith Schneider, Senior Account Manager, NetDocuments

Keith also enjoyed interacting with our current customers: "It was great to have several current customers come to the booth excited to see the soon-to-be-released new user interface. After a quick demo, all walked away with smiles on their face and statements of 'can't wait for the release' and 'thanks for never standing still'. Additionally, increased partner enthusiasm and completed service integrations and affiliate sales partnerships have solidified our Partner Program presence. I can't wait for next year's event!"

View from New Delhi

Around the globe, Monish Madden and Kuldeep Singh of Collaborative Technology Solutions, a division of Smart Solutions, were gearing up for LegalTech India 2011 held in New Delhi. The Director of Collaborative Technology Solutions, Rajiv Mukerji, had this to say:

"The Collaborative Technology Solutions division of Smart Solutions, Inc. will consolidate its position as the leading solutions specialist in the Indian and Asian legal cloud computing space by its presence at "Legal Tech India 2011" The objective of the conference is to emphasize growing the vast avenues prevalent for technology in the legal arena and how legal systems can evolve to a simpler, systematic and a cost effective modus operandi. The conference aims to bring together expertise, competence and technology in managing all the components of legal affairs."

The success of NetDocuments in all parts of the world is further demonstrating our belief that the cloud is the most powerful and efficient way to share and collaborate and will continue to change the way people work. Tell us your thoughts on the cloud at @NetDocuments.

Post written by @MarriottMurdock, NetDocuments Partner Program Manager