Top 5 Reasons Law Firms are Switching to the Cloud

September 4, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT
ndMAX introduces AI-powered solutions that address a range of legal workflows
securely inside NetDocuments, helping legal professionals responsibly adopt generative AI technology.
PatternBuilder MAX, the first product in the ndMAX AI suite, is in full production with select customers and will be widely available in Q3 2023.

When the vision of delivering documents via the Internet was born, the term cloud was nowhere to be found. We're talking about 15 years ago when the founders of SoftSolutions had sold the company to Wordperfect/Novell and turned right around to once again revolutionize the way law firms worked with their documents, founding NetDocuments in 1999.

Over the course of the next 15 years, the NetDocuments service evolved and matured, waiting for the legal market to accept specialized cloud-based solutions for managing documents and emails. As fears and misconceptions about the cloud began to diminish, we saw the beginning of a mass exodus of firms moving off of traditional, on-premise systems and legacy providers, opting for a modern, user-friendly, and an inherently mobile service. The movement to the cloud is in full force and now happening across firms of all sizes, including the global and Am Law 100s.

Here is a short read on a few of the reasons we're seeing firms make the switch to NetDocuments cloud-based document and email management.

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