Training from a Certified Trainer is Money Well Spent

March 19, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

You may not be aware, but NetDocuments has an ecosystem of certified trainers, consultants and technology experts. Our customer firms continually look to these certified partners to get the most value out of the NetDocuments service, and with four updates released per year, new features and functionality are hitting your people's desk on a quarterly basis. Turn to our certified partners and they'll keep you and your team up to speed.

Now and again we like to highlight some of our partners. Below is an excerpt from a recent post Craig Huggart, a legal trainer and certified NetDocuments partner, wrote. Feel free to reach out to Craig about any training needs you may have

Get Your Money's Worth from Your Technology Training with this One Strategy

Let's face it, good training costs good money. Another reality is that often money spent on training doesn't yield results. In over a decade of experience, the most effective strategy I've encountered for maximizing training dollars is found in the quote:

"Need-to-Know, Nice-to-Know, Where-to-Go" – Bob Pike of The Bob Pike Group

The Problem

Most training is designed with input from three groups. The budget watchers want the training to cost as little as possible in terms of time, energy, and money. The productivity pundits want as much as possible taught so that people get the most out of the technology. The enthusiasts just love technology and want to show everyone how cool it is. The result is that an average training session has way too much content and way too little time to properly cover it.