Video Cloud Series: Usability and adoption with a modern DMS

March 11, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

User adoption of firm-wide technology is always a challenge but is extremely important. From an information governance, knowledge transfer, and compliance standpoint, it's critical that people across the firm are adhering to the policies to secure, store, access, and collaborate with content and data. The degree a firm achieves adoption depends on several core components:

  1. The rollout of the technology needs to be well planned and executed.
  1. The training is not only adequate on how to use the new system, but should also emphasize the impactful benefits the new technology will have on the individual and their daily work.
  1. This is obvious, but you better be sure you're selecting and implementing the right technology with modern, user-friendly navigation. There are a lot of cumbersome, complex, and painful-to-use technologies out there, so make your tech decisions based on what your users will use and enjoy, and not just what makes sense for the technology team.

As part of our video cloud series, Marc Duncan, a Sr. Account Manager at NetDocuments, talks about how and why NetDocuments modern DMS achieves a higher adoption rate over competitive systems.

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