What is a Legal Practice 2.0?

August 18, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

Do your friends call you a "techno nomad" or a "21st century minimalist"? If all you need to run your legal practice is any web enabled device, than you've probably been labeled by one of these terms.

You see, in the 90s, the prevailing trend was bigger is better: bigger cars, bigger hamburgers, bigger houses and bigger technology. But with a downturn in the economy, more fuel conscience consumers and the rise cloud computing, consumers and businesses alike are learning how to do more with less, including their technology needs.

20 years ago, ok, probably only 5 years ago, if I were to have gotten with a group of 5 lawyers to start a firm, I would have bought servers, PCs, network stuff, probably some IT people to manage it all and a large investment in some large software package. Now compare that with what new firm Lumpkins Spiers PLC did when two attorneys broke off from a large practice to start their own earlier this year. All they needed was a scanner, laptops and an internet connection.

[Read the entire case study on how Lumpkins Spiers PLC uses web based technology to manage and run their law practice]

John Lumpkins, one of the partners, had been overseeing and managing technology for over twenty years when he joined with Sarah Spiers to form a new firm, and he knew that there was a more efficient way to run a practice. He envisioned a "legal practice 2.0" or a "law firm in the cloud."

"Cloud Computing is a way to allow us to focus on what we do best instead of having to invest in or maintain a whole server system ourselves," John said after deciding to employ an integrated solution of NetDocuments and AdvologixPM.

Though they are still a relatively new firm, John and Sarah have enjoyed the simplicity and ease of implementation that moving to the cloud has provided them.

To learn more about how Lumpkins Spiers has created a cloud based legal practice, read the entire case study.

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