Where Were You 15 Years Ago?

October 2, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

Here at NetDocuments, we were opening our doors, introducing the industry to a revolutionary approach to enterprise content management. We are excited to celebrate our 15th birthday as the first cloud-based document management system designed for legal. Regardless of where you were at the time, you're likely to recall some of the more memorable events of that year. Here, we take a trip back in time 15 years ago to see what was happening around the world in 1999:

  • Remember Y2K?  The whole world of technology and computers was on the fringe of extinction!
  • Broadcast.com – This gem was the number one website of 1999; a treasure trove of television, radio, and sports all wrapped into one location.  The number 2 website? MP3.com
  • Bill Gates – In 1999, Microsoft was found to be a monopoly, and details of the judgment from the court indicated the software giant exercised control over PC operating systems and used its power to the detriment of consumers.  Wonder what that judge is up to now?
  • Wilt Chamberlain – Most known for scoring points – in basketball that is – the world lost one of the century's most recognized athletes, and the only basketball player to ever score 100 points in a single game.
  • Salesforce.com – Along with NetDocuments, Salesforce emerged as a Software-as-a-Service cloud application in 1999 and has seen unprecedented success since.
  • Cell phones – Only If you were a C-level executive, or wanted people to think you were.  
  • Dial-up modems – DSL and cable were slowly becoming available, but in 1999, dialup was how the majority of us connected (you can hear that sound now, can't you?)
  • Gas – Average gas price in the nation was $1.22/gallon
  • Napster – The peer-to-peer file sharing site launched in 1999 and has gone through so many acquisitions since, it's hard to remember the times when downloading free music was so fun.
  • Internet Explorer 5 was released in 1999
  • And last, but not least
  • On October 12th, 1999, the 6 billionth living human being in the world was born

Our trip back in time reveals how different the world was, and although NetDocuments has evolved and changed along with technology, the core foundation that started the company has not: delivering world-class document management in the cloud in the most secure environment possible.

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