Wingate Wealth Advisors Switches From Worldox To NetDocuments and XLR8

December 16, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT

Original Release

Wingate, a prominent Massachusetts-based financial services firm, has discontinued Worldox, an on-premise provider, and selected NetDocuments and XLR8 as their integrated cloud-based solution for document and client management.

Wingate Wealth Advisors announced it has selected NetDocuments and XLR8 as their integrated document, email, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. "Wingate decided to switch to NetDocuments because of their cloud-based offering and their seamless integration with our CRM system, XLR8, which is built on the platform," Mark Greco, the firm's Chief Operating Officer, stated. "As a firm, we are trying to upgrade our technology by moving many of our key applications from our own servers to the cloud, and NetDocuments fits this strategy perfectly."

NetDocuments has integrated with Salesforce CRM since 2006, offering a customizable, record-level integration. XLR8, a customized version of Salesforce CRM, specifically addresses the needs of the financial services industries. Mary Ferguson, President of Concenter Services, commented, "We have converted many clients from Worldox to NetDocuments. As with Wingate Advisors, once a firm decides to move to the cloud with the XLR8/ platform, NetDocuments is the next logical step in reducing their dependence on hardware."

Greco continues, "Having NetDocuments integrated with our CRM system will allow us to increase efficiency in both managing and retrieving client related documents, emails and attachments. This will translate into better, more responsive service for our clients. In addition, NetDocuments' cloud-based solution vastly improves our mobile servicing capabilities so we can be as effective and responsive on the road as we are in the office."

Since 1999, NetDocuments has brought security, compliance, mobility and collaboration to some of the world's leading law firms and financial institutions. Schedule a demo to see how NetDocuments will streamline your technology and increase productivity at your practice.