Your Clients Expect a Service, Not a Product

December 16, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT

Client expectations are evolving as technology changes, and productivity as it relates to communication is determined by your clients and how accessible you are to them. A client/attorney relationship is just that, it is a true relationship. That relationship needs communication to flourish, just like any other successful relationship. Putting technology at the head of the relationship, ensuring that communication is wide open is a habit every firm should form.

Some people like to text, some prefer email, some like a secure portal to log into, and some still prefer frequent face-to-face visits. Understanding the unique needs of your client will determine which technology platform will be most useful and will help the relationship along throughout the course of any given case. This puts an extra responsibility on the backs of the attorney to be in tune with all of the technology resources at his/her disposal. Mitch Jackson relates a story about how he was able to employ a new program for texting on his PC to help him keep connected to clients. Whatever the medium, it is important to adapt and to not be afraid to learn new technology.

Bottom line: Adapting smart technology to improve communication lines with your clients will improve productivity and keep clients coming back to you. You will be seen as a progressive, fast-paced, modern law office with the clients' best interests in mind. Additionally, you will become a technology guru when it comes to effective client/attorney communication and able to handle anything that comes your way!