A Call for Collaboration

Remember recess in elementary? That's right, a hundred kids running at full speed in different directions, headed for unknown destinations, totally oblivious of who would be there and why? Exciting, yes. Fun, yes. Total mayhem, you bet. The Cloud Computing industry is growing at a break-neck pace, recess is out, and it's time to make some sense of the chaos. Collaboration is a broad and well trodden topic; in fact, it was Salesforce.com's theme at their event of the year, titled "Collabor8". But just because Salesforce.com can throw around phrases like "collaborative software", or taking a "collaborative approach" in their business vernacular, it doesn't make it any easier to grasp in a real sense, nor to implement in a real-life, competitive and fast-paced environment, especially if your business has nothing to do with Salesforce.com.

Stevie Wonder, Bill Clinton, and Will.I.Am, - Heroku, Chatter, and Database.com - Dreamforce 2010 was Off the Hook

Standing with a fist raised in the air, chanting "Bernard come back, Bernard come back", I felt as though I was in a positive mental attitude, MLM event, getting geared up for yet another year of break-neck sales. But no, thank goodness…I was one of the 30,000 attendees at Salesforce.com's Dreamforce event in San Francisco participating in a Marc Benioff marketing stunt to combat Microsoft Dynamics guerilla marketing tactics with their "I Didn't Get Forced" campaign.

Another Server Bites the Dust

Is it game over for server based document management? That was the headline in the latest edition of the American Legal Technology Insider Newsletter. In his newsletter discussing the issue, Charles Christian pointed out recent developments in the traditionally conservative legal market as a signal that the dog days of server farms and boxed software are all but over. "Are the days of traditional document management systems and traditional DMS vendors coming to a close? For example, over the last two months the cloud-based document management specialists NetDocuments have signed up eight new (legal) user sites, (six law firms and two offices of general counsel) and while some of the smaller sites are new to the concept of a dedicated DMS, the latest wins also include Open Text swapouts at Van Cott Bagley Cornwall & McCarthy in Salt Lake City and Lynn Tillotson Pinkler & Cox LLP in Dallas."

NetDocuments Gets a Makeover

The All New NetDocuments - Rich Functionality. Enhanced Design. In the spring of 2011, NetDocuments users will get a new user experience. Without sacrificing any of our industry leading functionality and reliability, we have redesigned the user interface to improve navigation and simplify the management of documents in the cloud. The Makeover Process This is the most significant update in the 12 years since NetDocuments opened it's doors and paved the SaaS document management highway. "We pulled together a highly qualified team of experts to enhance the NetDocuments user interface and to address areas that would greatly improve the user experience, while at the same time creating an attractive design that is more pleasurable to use. By using familiar design patterns and a more structured framework, the interface should require less investment in setup and also be easier to gain proficiency," said VP of Marketing, Leonard Johnson.

Research Shows Green Benefits of Cloud Computing

Green Debate: Cloud vs. On Premise Does the cloud really make businesses more energy efficient? A recently released study done by Accenture and WSP Environmental Consultants boldly declares that it does. The study states, "businesses that choose to run applications in the cloud can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by 30 percent or more versus running those same applications on their own IT infrastructure."

SAS 70 Type II

NetDocuments recently completed a SAS 70 Type II audit, which demonstrates independent examination of internal controls supporting the firm's client services and operations. Earlier this year NetDocuments completed the SAS 70 Type I audit and it has also completed the Truste EU Safe Harbor Certification, acknowledging that it delivers its SaaS content management service and its web site in accordance with these standards.

Technology Q&A With LTN Editor-in-Chief Monica Bay

I was very excited this week to discuss legal technology trends with one of the industry's most influential thought leaders, Monica Bay. I learned a lot and was fascinated by her knowledge on all topics ranging from cloud computing and social media to who will win the world series (although I hope her world series prediction is false). Q: First off Monica, give me a little background on what you do?

Q&A With the Granddaddy of Document Management Part II

Earlier we posted part I of this two part Q&A with legal technology veteran Tom Lee where we discussed the history and future of document management and he ended byjoking that I was giving him too many difficult questions. So in part II I lightened things up a bit but still managed to slip in some tough questions. Q: OK Tom, a bit of light relief now, what Football Team do you support? Tom: CHELSEA FC - I have been a Chelsea fan since I was eight years old.

Q&A with the Granddaddy of Document Management aka Tom Lee: Part I

This week in our ongoing Q&A series, we are joined by Tom Lee of Quintec International. Quintec is a leading cloud based technology company based in the UK that is aimed primarily at the Legal, Insurance and Finance markets. Q: First off Tom, tell our readers a bit about you and your company? Tom: Great. I have been in I.T. for over 33 years and have witnessed many changes in technology from the early Mainframes to Super- Mini's, Client/Server and now to the Cloud! At Quintec, we provide our clients with business advice, consultancy, software, training and technical support. These services are delivered by an experienced team of consultants, a rapid support team and a plethora of technical guys who never seem to stop working! I wished I had their energy!

Ungaretti & Harris Switches

(PR WEB) Lehi, UT October 11, 2012 NetDocuments, a leading cloud enterprise content management provider, announced the prominent Chicago law firm, Ungaretti & Harris, has switched from Autonomy's iManage Filesite to NetDocuments for their document, email, and content management service for their 225+ users. Since its founding over 30 years ago, Ungaretti & Harris has maintained a focus on servicing clients with a commitment to their success and the community through pro bono programs, sustainability and a Community Outreach Committee. "The switch to NetDocuments improves our technology which will help us increase productivity and collaboration within the firm, as well as allow us to continue to support the firm's goal of providing a top tier service to our clients and offering the latest technology to our people," Charlie Altenbach, Director of Information, stated.