Message from Ken Duncan, CEO, NetDocuments

1. SMB Market Capture. Microsoft, Oracle, Novell, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard... have all pursued the Small-to-Medium Business sector. Now for the first time there is a technology and business model, SaaS, which can profitably reach this market. And, the winners will not just be the large tech companies but also the small SaaS companies. NetDocuments is perfectly suited for the SMB market. Furthermore, the SMB market is more recession-proof than large enterprise markets.

6 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Clients’ Experience

As we wrap up another amazing year at NetDocuments, we thought we'd open up the blog to one of our friends in the financial services industry. Enjoy, and see you in 2013! By Sheryl Rowling, CPA/PFS CEO, Total Rebalance Expert® I've written other articles about providing excellent client service. So, how can this article provide any new information? Whether the information is new or just a reminder, the New Year ushers in an opportunity to bring our practices to the next level!

On The Road Again: LegalTech NY and TD Ameritrade Shows

NetDocuments is on the road 15+ times during the year to showcase our cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service. In January 2013 we have two power-packed events lined up – LegalTech New York and TD Ameritrade's National conference. Since 1999 NetDocuments has offered the legal and financial services industries a leading cloud-based solution for storing, managing, securing and collaborating with content from any Internet connection or device. The service has come a long way since 1999, with 4 releases per year – each release packed with new features and enhancements suggested to us by our customers and partners. So if you're in New York or San Diego at the end of January, be sure to stop by and see the latest innovation in content management technology. Some of the highlights will be the release of the public Document Delivery feature, tighter email management integration with Microsoft Outlook, and improved integration with desktop scanners for a simplified paper-to-digital process.

The Second Movers Are On The Move

Whether it's Gartner, IDC, GigaOm Research, or The Legal IT Professionals Survey, you can be certain that the question is no longer "is the cloud here to stay?" but has become, "where and for what applications should we implement the cloud first?" Witnessing the 60,000+ attendees at's Dreamforce event (where everything is cloud-based) highlighted the contrasting sentiment about cloud adoption that has historically existed between industries. The legal and financial services markets have typically been slower to adopt new technology, due to regulation and highly confidential data, amongst a number of other factors. However, according to recent reports, the winds are shifting and firms in these air-tight industries are learning about the extreme benefits the cloud brings in terms of security, flexibility, business continuity, and mobility – it's these benefits in efficiency and cost savings that are causing a tipping point for legal cloud adoption.

Lessons From Hurricane Sandy: Datacenter Location Matters

There have been a lot of great posts about the important questions you should be asking your vendor before doing business with them, and here is another. The cloud space is increasingly crowded and new companies are popping up every day – this makes your job as a business owner, attorney, financial advisor, or IT professional very difficult as you sift through the "cloud washing" and fluff to find the vendors who have appropriately invested in the right security, privacy, compliance, and redundancy measures.

California Firm Adopts NetDocuments for Business Continuity and Mobility

Download Case Study Challenge For Hecht Solberg, the limitations and costs associated with iManage, a server-based document management system, no longer made financial sense and the product was not meeting their disaster recovery and mobile needs. "We had to look at it purely from a business perspective as to what would be the best long term solution moving forward," Julie Woods, Systems Administrator, stated. "The current system was piecemeal, in that if you wanted increased search functionality or other features, it meant you had to add those options including an additional server and additional consulting costs," she said.

ALA Regional Events Recap

As a Senior Account Manager here at NetDocuments, I am used to traveling. It seems like every other week I am on a flight to visit a prospect, representing NetDocuments at an event, etc. The last few weeks have been no different, but this time I had the pleasure of representing NetDocuments at the ALA Regions 4, 5 & 6 events. These ALA regional events have become one of my favorite events that NetDocuments sponsors. There are lots of reasons to love these shows, such as the small table top displays (makes shipping/set-up a breeze), the fantastic locations (Disneyland anyone?) and the great leads that we always get. However, it is the ALA members that really make it special. Most of the ALA members that attend these events are office managers, human resource managers, and even a few IT directors. Almost everybody I talked to was incredibly energetic, extremely nice, and very tech savvy. As a vendor, it is so refreshing to talk with someone who understands the value of a document management service and knows how to successfully get it implemented in their firm.

Move Away From Paper

Joshua Stein, the sole principal of Joshua Stein PLLC,, is one of the world's leading real estate lawyers. He has written five books and over 200 articles on commercial real estate law and practice, including the use of computers by lawyers. He began using computers for all his legal work in 1983, about ten years before the rest of the legal profession, implementing NetDocuments in 2001. Since then, Joshua has been helping firms of all sizes increase their productivity by improving their technology.

Payne & Fears Switches From iManage to NetDocuments

Download PDF INTRO "We've been using NetDocuments for over six years and have increased our productivity and collaboration across offices and clients." - Brian Marsh, Information Systems Manager 20 years ago Jim Payne and Dan Fears began their practice as an employment defense firm in California. Today, Payne & Fears has expanded into business litigation, insurance and construction law, with five offices across three states and employing nearly 100 people. Brian Marsh, the Information Systems Manager, led the switch from iManage to NetDocuments over six years ago, here's their story.