The Tale of Two Cities: LegalTech from New York to New Delhi

With the announcement of prestigious law firm, Foley & Lardner, switching from iManage to NetDocuments, our new user interface, and the growing Partner Program, the road was paved for a great Legal Tech conference in both New York and New Delhi. Happening at virtually the same time, Smart Solutions, one of NetDocuments' Global Channel Partners, represented us at LegalTech India while we managed in New York; the result? Two amazing shows, with lots of exposure, highlighting our recent developments, high-profile clients, and international reach. Here are the thoughts from those who were there…

Less hand-holding, please…

Sure, most of us enjoy holding hands with the people we love, e.g., our significant others, children or grandchildren. But do we really like holding our IT person's hand? Or, for that matter, do IT staff really like holding the hands of those in their organization? My guess: umm, not so much. So, cue the NetDocuments New User Interface… <See more screenshots at>

Q&A With Bill Winterberg on Technology for Financial Advisors

This week I had a good discussion about technology for financial advisors with Bill Winterberg, one of the most technology forward minds in the Financial services market. Before joining the finance world, Bill was a software engineer for Hewlett Packard and this background in technology has allowed him to become a thought leader in the industry. Bill currently writes technology columns for Morningstar Advisor, as well as on his own blog called FP Pad. You can also find him doing his thing on Twitter from @BillWinterberg.

A Twitterer's Dilemma: Looking Back at our First Year on Twitter

Post Authored by Danny Johnson of the NetDocuments Marketing Department I am one of the youngest employees here at the NetDocuments Orem office, if not the youngest (I'm 24), and if my calculations are correct, I am one of only two non-married employees at the company. So near the end of 2007, as the Twittershpere was reaching a Twittical Mass, the good folks in our marketing department, specifically Leonard Johnson, decided that it was time for us to join the party and see if social media was all @NikiBlack and @AdrianDayton had cracked it up to be. So after about a year and change of tweeting, we are believers. We've drunk the Kool-Aid, downloaded the iPhone app and continue to ride shotgun in the Twitter bandwagon.

What do you need to run NetDocuments?

We get this question a lot and when people hear the answser, they can't believe that it is that simple. Welcome to the Software as a Service world. NetDocuments was built from the ground-up to be a SaaS-based model. It wasn't converted from some older generation software to "fit" the SaaS world. We are proud of the fact that we were providing this service model before someone decided to call it something that actually stuck.