AI is Transforming Legal

AI gives law firms and legal teams the ability to skyrocket efficiency and productivity, allowing people to prioritise more meaningful work. In 24 Voices for 2024, NetDocuments' annual report, discover what 24 Voices across legal are saying about AI and automation technologies, and what else you need to know about emerging trends.

Legal departments and law firms of all sizes are facing pressure to increase productivity. This pressure has led to the adoption of technology, including AI, which is predicted to reshape nearly every aspect of the industry — from law school programs to the law firm business model itself.

How will AI impact Legal in 2024?

• 24 insightful perspectives from global thought leaders across legal (and we're having fun with AI-generated audio voiceovers!)
• Tech trends in AI and automation that are creating seismic change
• Areas that have the potential to drive unprecedented productivity
• How to harness this transformative technology

What’s in the report?

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Meet some of our 24 voices

Karen Finch

Australia Legal Technology Association

"Platforms like ChatGPT are enabling clients to engage and interact with ‘law’ in ways previously inaccessible to them, enabling them to interpret and understand legal content and concepts previously beyond their reach."

Michael Barrett

Hicksons Lawyers

"This is a great time to review your technology footprint and look for a differentiator: technology that will genuinely make the lives of lawyers easier, enabling them to deliver the best service to clients."

Alex Bazin

Chief Technology Officer, Lewis Silkin LLP

"After implementing recent automations, some of the firm’s clients are already benefitting from reduced fees and exploring the opportunity to self-serve automations."

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