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Join our growing Partner ecosystem comprised of hundreds of partnerships around the globe.

As the industry leader in cloud-based document and email management, we understand the challenges faced by our mutual customers and we’re here to help. By joining the NetDocuments Partner Ecosystem, you’ll become connected with a global community where you can market, sell, service, and build solutions related to our solutions.

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About NetDocuments

NetDocuments is the world's #1 trusted cloud content and productivity platform that helps legal professionals do their best work. Known for delivering reliable innovation for 25+ years, NetDocuments goes beyond document and email management for law firms of all sizes, corporate legal departments across all industries, and Government and Public Sector entities around the world.

  • Founded in 1999 as the original cloud-first, cloud-only legal DMS
  • 7,000+ customers worldwide
  • Over 17 million files uploaded per week
  • Unmatched industry uptime with complete transparency (see the latest service status)
  • A network of data centers covering the Americas, APAC, Europe, the UK, and Canada
  • One common global platform providing all worldwide customers with the same rich functionality and security

About the NetDocuments Solutions

NetDocuments services hundreds-of-thousands of professionals and is built to ensure that ever-changing business needs are met. We deliver a constant and continuous experience around the globe, across various devices (including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows).

Through our technology on which our solutions were built, we’re helping firms ORGANIZE, PROTECT, PLAN, DELIVER, and LEARN, which are how our services are packaged for customers.

These 5 Work Inspired solutions have been enabling inspired work for over 20 years, creating structure and providing the framework required for legal professionals to create new habits that lead to consistent, positive outcomes.  

Here’s what it means for our partners to Work Inspired

Discover the Advantages of a Comprehensive Content Platform

Each solution offers a wide range of capabilities that seamlessly integrate for a secure modern experience and endless opportunities for efficiencies, productivity, and innovation.
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When your documents stop playing hide and seek.

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Reach new levels of productivity and collaboration with industry-leading document management, email management, and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions built specifically for legal professionals.


When you never have to choose between productivity and compliance.

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Add additional controls and protections beyond NetDocuments’ award-winning security capabilities — reducing the risks of unintentional or malicious data breaches and leaks.


When you stop reinventing the wheel.

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Coordinate teams and tasks, facilitate real-time team communication, streamline task management through checklists and workflows, and make it easier to share and collaborate on documents.


When technology is smart enough to stay out of your way.

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Set up and maintain sharable workspaces, compile and organize content, and collaborate on document sets with people inside and outside your organization.


When your Documents Become As Intelligent As Your People.

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Gain richer insights into your documents and how people use and engage with those documents with powerful search, analytics, and research tools that help drive better business outcomes.

How NetDocuments is Helping Partners – and Their Customers –

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By partnering with NetDocuments you’ll access unique benefits that simply cannot be found with other providers.

A true-cloud experience from a company with 25 years of experience – By eliminating on-premises or hosted system hardware and moving into the cloud, the IT burden is dramatically decreased, saving teams time, money, overhead, risk, and complexity. Additionally, because NetDocuments operates in the cloud, all customers enjoy upgrades at no additional charge, risk, or impact to their team.

State-of-the-art security – Keeping your organization compliant with privacy and security regulations and standards is a complex, expensive, and never-ending task. Fortunately, NetDocuments has already done the hard work on your behalf. Our platform has earned compliance certifications — verified by third-party auditors — for nearly a dozen different privacy and security standards. And because every NetDocuments client leverages the same multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, you automatically inherit all of those certifications and credentials the instant you adopt the platform.

Availability AICPA SOC Type 2 SOC 2 CompliancePrivacy AICPA SOC Type 2 SOC 2 ComplianceSecurity AICPA SOC Type 2 SOC 2 ComplianceInformation security Management System ISO 27001 CertifiedInformation security Management System ISO 27017 CertifiedInformation security Management System ISO 27018 CertifiedUnited States Securities and Exchange Commission Sec 17A-4 CertifiedGDPR ReadyFIPS Level 3 Validated 140-2Finra CertifiedHIPAA HITECH CompliantFedRAMP logo in white text with blue background and red text underneath reading FedRAMP

Powerful integrations – Our integrations with Microsoft Office allow for smart editing, drafting, searching, and version control. Extranets, secure links, and client portals provide collaboration and security to outside parties who need real time access to their documents.
‍Additionally, through independent software vendor (ISV) partnerships, NetDocuments has strong technology integrations with leading 3rd party solutions in all major legal-related software categories including practice management, enterprise legal management (ELM), matter management, time and billing, and more. These partnerships and integrations provide customers with a seamless and efficient user experience with needed systems they use every day in their work, role, industry ,location/jurisdiction.

Availability AICPA SOC Type 2 SOC 2 CompliancePrivacy AICPA SOC Type 2 SOC 2 ComplianceSecurity AICPA SOC Type 2 SOC 2 ComplianceBanking Type 2 SOC 2+ ComplianceInformation security Management System ISO 27001 CertifiedInformation security Management System ISO 27017 CertifiedInformation security Management System ISO 27018 CertifiedUnited States Securities and Exchange Commission Sec 17A-4 CertifiedGDPR ReadyFIPS Level 3 Validated 140-2Finra CertifiedHIPAA HITECH Compliant

NetDocuments Partner Types

NetDocuments Partners are diverse in terms of their size and scope, but they all have high standards when it comes to the products and services they deliver. Whether you're looking to sell our solutions, or offer your services surrounding our solutions, we have several partnership options available:


Earn a referral bonus/commission for bringing NetDocuments opportunities forward and working with our Sales team to sell and close leads

Appropriate NetDocuments certification required.

Referral and Services

Provide related software implementation, data migration, and/or user training services Appropriate NetDocuments certification(s) required

Appropriate NetDocuments certification required.

User Training

Train organizations and users on our Solutions post implementation to ensure customers get the most from their investment and enjoy an optimum experience. Assist organizations with change management and user adoption.

Appropriate NetDocuments certification required.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Easily add NetDocuments to your Managed Services stack as the outsourcing arm of your customer IT core needs and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Develop an integration between your company’s software/hardware products and NetDocuments

No matter your focus or model, we make it simple for your business and your
team to reach your goals and Work Inspired!

Partner with the Industry-leading Cloud Platform
for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

NetDocuments rewards partners who invest time and effort into learning and selling our technologies, and developing strong relationship with the our teams. The more you put in, the more you get out!


Help your clients with their cloud transformation journey.

NetDocuments is the #1 true-cloud document management system, helping thousands of professionals keep their documents and emails safe, organized, compliant, collaborative, and ready to inspire their best work.


Wrap your Sales, Service, and/or Product Offering around NetDocuments solutions

Sell the NetDocuments portfolio, provide the related software Implementation, data migration, and/or user training services, and/or develop an integration between your company’s software products and our platform.


Earn channel-best referral commissions

Earn exponential revenue by wrapping your Professional Services offerings (Advisory, Consulting,Vendor Selection, Implementation, Migration) around our award-winning solutions.


Get the Support you need to market and sell

Collaborate on marketing pieces that you feel would drive success with your customers, participate in webinars, blog pieces, and more.


Enablement tools and resources to get you up-to speed

Sales certification and material at your fingertips along with technical certification paths to ensure you are enabled for success

Leverage our sales experts to answer all your customers questions

Unlike the other guys, we make it easy to sell together. We want you to use us to answer all the hard questions. No loss of commissions for anyone and you don’t even need to submit an invoice to have those commissions sent to you.

Additional partner benefits:

Partner Portal Access
Welcome Kit Access
Access to additional extensive tools and resources
Free software and use of your own NetDocuments Repository
Monthly Master Class webinar
Monthly Partner eNewsletter
Marketing support upon request

Here’s What Other Partners are Saying About NetDocuments

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We at Litera consistently see NetDocuments providing excellent, proactive partner support. We receive rapid, valuable responses to any issues raised with our technical liaisons, and we have solid bridges built in other areas such as sales and marketing to ensure we are in lock-step with joint programs and messaging.

- Referral partner
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LexisNexis is excited to partner with NetDocuments to deliver legal-specific enrichments to the work product of our joint clients — connecting the dots to pinpoint research content. Smaller firms can now benefit from the time savings and productivity of knowledge management, previously only available to large firms.

- Services partner
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Partnering with NetDocuments was a no-brainer for Centerbase. Together, over the past four years, we’ve helped countless law firms transition from dated software to best-in-breed technology. The partnership has given us the opportunity to bounces sales strategy and innovation ideas off another legal technology leader.

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