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Harnessing Internal Inspiration for Customer Success at SKO

The NetDocuments Team
Jan 29, 2021

Last year, the legal industry experienced a complete transformation regarding technology adoption. As the world shifted to working from home, we welcomed firms and legal departments from around the world as they searched for solutions to support their own clients, while ushering in a new paradigm of how lawyers work around the world.

This sudden influx of technology adoptions has led to greater efficiency, collaboration, and work-life balance for many legal teams; but it’s also created unforeseen challenges.

At our Sales Kick Off (SKO) event that went virtual this year, various teams and employees came together to explore the new challenges that the legal industry now faces, while discussing how our solutions can and are helping professionals around the world overcome them. 

Supporting the Work From Home Transition

2020 shifted what ‘going to work’ meant for a majority of legal professionals and forced updates to technology strategies in order to meet current challenges.

As a testament to the solutions and business problems we are helping legal teams solve for—including seamless remote work, collaboration, and increased efficiency—we’ve experienced incredible growth in the last year with record expansion in medium law firm and corporate accounts.

In a recent press release Josh Baxter, CEO of NetDocuments, explained why more legal teams are selecting NetDocuments to drive their success:  

“The changed work climate, led by the new normal of working from home (WFH), has forced law firms and corporate legal departments to re-evaluate and upgrade their technologies. NetDocuments has been mission critical to a smooth WFH transition, providing the security, reliability, and productivity only afforded by a true cloud, native platform. Our customers rest easy knowing that our platform is ready today. We are not trying to onboard customers to the cloud at the same time we are building it.”

Indeed, legal professionals have required more tools to streamline collaborative efforts, while IT leaders have been searching for solutions that will maximize their own resources. NetDocuments is certainly solving these needs, demonstrated by the more than 300+% YoY growth of our PROTECT and PLAN solutions, which include advanced security and collaboration tools.

Solutions with Impact

In a recent interview with Caroline Hill, Editor-in-Chief for Legal IT Insider, Josh shared why more than 50% of our new customers chose NetDocuments over a legacy solution:  

“Organizations need real cloud solutions. The idea of having some of the legacy products that require VPNs and things like that…if you have a cloud product that requires a VPN it’s not a cloud product. And we’re hearing that from customers over and over who are coming from legacy solutions. And then the other solutions that we’re bringing to market are having a bigger effect. Collaboration has become a more and more important part of people’s decision making criteria.”

During the SKO event, our product and user experience teams shared the depth of involvement our customers and partners have in shaping our solutions. Their input drives enhancements to the user experience in ways that make tangible impacts on reducing legal professional’s day-to-day stressors.

Watch Caroline’s full interview with Josh here and learn how we’re solving the most pressing challenges for the legal market today.

Success Inspired

Last year may have prompted a dramatic increase in legal technology adoptions, but new challenges are already on the horizon for legal organizations and professionals as they work to address increasing workloads, improve remote work processes, and address new regulatory standards.  

At NetDocuments, we don’t wait around for the crisis to impact the legal industry before we build technology to address it. We partner with industry experts and practicing lawyers to deliver a true-cloud solution that organizations can rely on to weather any storm. And now with SKO behind us, our teams are fully prepared to support you in your digital transformation journey. 

Join the thousands of legal organizations worldwide who have joined NetDocuments. Call us today at (866) 638-3627.