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Harnessing the Power of Change

January 12, 2022

As we kick off the new year, “change” is a topic on almost everyone’s mind. How will this year be different from the one we’re leaving behind?

But as International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) CEO Joy Heath Rush says, “[Change] is endemic. It is always there.”

So while it’s natural to wonder about change, especially at the beginning of a new year, we think there’s actually a much better question to ask:

What are you going to do about it?

In the latest issue of ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine, NetDocuments’ leadership team shared insight on what’s changing in the world of legal tech — including a dive into one of the industry’s most buzzworthy topics and a glimpse into the future of legal cloud innovation — plus how your team can harness the power of those changes.

Learn the Truth About Platformization with Alvin Tedjamulia

Odds are you’ve heard talk about software “platformization” and what it might mean for your law firm or legal team.

But the thing is, while there’s certainly a lot of buzz… not all of it is worthy of your attention.

That’s why NetDocuments co-founder and CTO Alvin Tedjamulia set out to set the record straight in the latest issue of Peer to Peer.

As he points out, one of the biggest benefits of using a true cloud platform is having a single source of truth — one tool you can rely on for complete, accurate information. But too many software solutions posing as platforms fail to deliver on this promise.

"How can a service become the single source of truth if there are multiple storage silos for digital files, with multiple search engines, under different security models?"

To truly be considered a platform, “all solutions or applications must be 100% native to the platform’s technologies,” Alvin explains. In other words, every part of the platform needs to share:

  • Common storage
  • A common search engine
  • Common cryptography
  • Common ethical walls and DLP
  • A common user experience
  • Common security and authentications
  • A common API

Of course, building that type of robust-yet-seamless platform of “biologically” connected solutions is easier said than done.

But there’s no question the benefits are well worth it.

As Alvin explains, “Platformization ensures innovation, reliability, performance, up-time, and defensibility of security. This translates to commonality of experience for all users across applications, which typically leads to much higher adoption rates.”

In other words, it’s a lot easier for your team to get work done — and to generate a return on investment for that technology.

"The whole goal of platformization is to create simplicity. Simple to adopt, simple to use, simple to do your day-to-day operations,” Alvin says. “While that requires a very complex and robust native cloud platform, it is simultaneously invisible to users."

The only thing they’ll see is a seamless experience that transforms their ability to work inspired.

Read the full article here.

“Peer” into the Future of Legal Cloud Innovation

What’s new in 2022? NetDocuments’ CEO Josh Baxter and Chief Product Officer Dan Hauck took a look into the crystal ball and shared their thoughts with Peer to Peer.

Make no mistake: the cloud has been accepted as the golden standard for law firms and legal teams. As legal users double down on cloud technology, maximizing ROI on core cloud-native platforms will be a top priority.

So what does that look like in practice?

“This means more deeply utilizing the various capabilities of a platform, building apps and integrations that extend the platform further, and ultimately creating a seamless experience for users to do work,” they explain.

Read the full article here!

Make the Most of Change

Change will come, no matter what — after all, it’s life’s only constant. But what we actually do with the change that comes our way makes all the difference.

“Our challenge – and our path to success – is to focus on the problems we are trying to solve and the outcomes we are trying to achieve,” Joy says. “Then the changes to tools, processes, and even people seem more ‘normal’ and less scary.”

Ready to see how NetDocuments can help you take charge of change in 2022? Let’s talk!

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