Introducing Analytics from NetDocuments

The NetDocuments Team
Oct 7, 2020

What if you could get more insights into how NetDocuments is utilized at your company? Imagine having clear visibility into how the service is being used so you can eliminate inefficiencies, remove bottlenecks, or improve usage and adoption rates.

Now, with Analytics, you can.

Included as part of the LEARN solution, Analytics helps you better visualize and understand user activity and use those insights to improve user behavior.

Whether at a small-to-medium sized organization, a growing financial services operation, an Am Law 50 law firm, or within a corporate legal team, businesses demand transparency and a deeper understanding of how the NetDocuments services is being utilized.

With at-a-glance information, organizations can now get better visibility into what data is stored in the service, how users are interacting with a matter, project, or client, and how to drive maximum value from NetDocuments.

Using charts, visualization tools, heat maps, and more, Analytics delivers the insights you want, in an easy to digest format. These tools are delivered at multiple levels, from individual user work compilations up through the entire collection of stored information, allowing you to easily view the information you need at the required level, to gain deeper insights that can help you shape business outcomes and drive ROI.

With Analytics, you’ll view key insights including:

  • Critical user-level information including key contributors, user/document activity, and document types (e.g. PDF, doc, and docx)
  • Key Cabinet metrics that show what you have stored, and which Workspaces and CollabSpaces are most utilized
  • System performance within NetDocuments, such as which browser or software version users are utilizing to access NetDocuments

As Travis Reed, Product Manager at NetDocuments states, “The documents, data, and information you store in NetDocuments is already incredibly valuable. By increasing the visibility you have into how users are interacting with these documents and information, you can further enhance the value of the NetDocuments service across your organization. These insights can guide you in making more informed decisions on how to increase adoption, maximize efficiencies, and shape business outcomes for your Firm.”

Cabinet and Repository Analytics will be available in 2020 and User and Admin Matter Analytics will be available in early 2021. To learn more about the insights that Analytics can provide your firm, request a consultation now.

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