Introducing Enterprise Search with NetKnowledge by BA Insight

The NetDocuments Team
Jul 15, 2020

Save employees time with an easier way to find documents in your organization – instantly.

We are pleased to announce the launch of NetKnowledge powered by BA Insight. This cutting-edge technology ushers in a new era of federated enterprise search at NetDocuments.

In today’s world of nearly universal remote employees, it is more important than ever for professionals to quickly locate the information they need. The common roadblock to accessing these documents instantly is that the data often resides in any one of several locations. Chief among those locations is the system of record where your users create, edit, store, and organize their content. NetKnowledge’s enterprise search solves this all-to-common problem by creating a single source of truth that is powerful, intuitive, and inclusive of your most important data. Additionally, employees access all of the information within the security of NetDocuments, without ever leaving it.

Implementing an enterprise search without an existing solution can be challenging, and when that solution needs to independently index all the content of your document management system (DMS), it can also be a very expensive endeavor. NetKnowledge solves this by connecting the enterprise search capabilities directly to the NetDocuments search APIs, eliminating the need to maintain an index of all your documents outside of your DMS. The partnership between NetDocuments and BA Insight creates a best-of-both-worlds solution, federated for DMS and creating a single index for other items.

“Maintaining a large index to make your DMS content searchable in your enterprise search solution while your DMS also maintains a large index of your content is redundant,” said Travis Reed, Product Manager at NetDocuments. “NetKnowledge allows you the benefits of a leading enterprise search and an uncompromising DMS without the costs and inherent inconsistencies of a separate search index.”

“Our strategic partnership with NetDocuments and introduction of NetKnowledge is a market changing event.  I am proud of how our two organizations worked together on the development of a ‘first of its kind’ enterprise search solution that provides customers with the flexibility to implement federated search at index/query time or a hybrid implementation combining the two to provide an extraordinary, internet-like user experience,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO at BA Insight. “On top of which, our combined solution dramatically increases user productivity and efficiency by bringing enterprise search to where users work, taking advantage of our in-app integration that provides access to information from over 70 enterprise systems - all from directly within NetDocuments.”

NetDocuments customers interested in learning more about NetKnowledge can contact NetDocuments to learn more.

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