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Benefits of Secure File Sharing for Law Firms

May 31, 2021

Law firms have many options when it comes to file sharing, but not all of the available platforms are well-suited to the particular needs of legal work — particularly when it comes to security and governance.

In this article, we’ll talk about why secure sharing is so important (and beneficial!) for law firms, what you should look for when choosing a file sharing solution, plus some of the features and tools from NetDocuments that can help you collaborate on and share documents effectively and securely.

Why Law Firms Need Secure File Sharing

Attorneys have always had an ethical obligation to keep client data secure. And between the shifting workplace norms and the benefits of collaborative work, it’s more important than ever that law firms have the ability to share files securely.

The Risks of Commercial Solutions

With an alluring ‘freemium’ price tag, providers like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox may seem like a great option for cloud-based file storage and sharing… but are they?

In reality, these commercial solutions are designed for user convenience, not compliance. With dozens of loopholes and workarounds, controlling user access and actions can quickly become a security and governance nightmare — even if you upgrade from those limited-feature free plans.

Unfortunately, most of these solutions are simply not cut out for the stringent security and compliance requirements that a law firm must uphold. As such, they could expose your firm to significant risk.

Of course, it’s important to point out that sometimes the pendulum swings too far in the other direction. Applying advanced security controls and other restrictions to keep information locked down can quickly become a hassle that erodes productivity. It may even push your team to seek risky workarounds and put all that effort (and cost) to waste.

But can you get the best of both worlds —security and productivity? Yes, you can. We’ll show you how.

5 Benefits of Secure, Streamlined File Sharing

When you have a file sharing solution that is not only secure but also easy to use, your firm can start to reap significant benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Does the solution limit or charge for sharing files with external users? If so, sharing with external users (including clients) can quickly become difficult and/or costly.
  • Can your team securely access their files from anywhere and on any device? Will they need to worry about a troublesome VPN connection?
  • Is the solution easy to learn and use? How much training is required to help your team be comfortable using it?
  • What kind of security does the platform provide? Look into encryption technology, compliance certifications, granular access and action controls, and retention policies.
  • Is the platform compatible with your favorite tools? How well does the file share integrate with the tools you use on a daily basis?

For more of our top tips for evaluating cloud storage options, check out this guide!

Share Files Securely with NetDocuments

When it comes to secure file sharing, NetDocuments has you covered  — whether you’re working with clients or colleagues. Our legal-centric document management platform offers state-of-the-art security infrastructure and comprehensive governance protocols. As a cloud-based platform, NetDocuments ensures you can securely access to your files from anywhere, on any device.

For example, advanced user access controls enable you to create ethical walls so you can protect confidential firm and client data from unauthorized eyes. Meanwhile, with secure file links, you don’t even need to import, export, or attach documents to share them — which means you don’t run the risk of having multiple, conflicting document versions running amok.

To collaborate with clients or other external parties, NetDocuments offers CollabSpaces, a secure way to share content from your NetDocuments system with external users — without transferring it to a third-party file sharing service or extranet. There’s no need to worry about licensing restrictions, and there’s no training required.

Download this guide to learn how CollabSpaces helps forward-thinking firms share and collaborate securely.

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