Maximum Mobility, Maximum Productivity

The NetDocuments Team
Apr 15, 2021

“Good enough” simply was not cutting it for North Carolina law firm, Gardner Skelton. Their existing tech infrastructure worked… but they knew it could be so much better.

The Firm had been operating in a legacy document management system (DMS), and while the tool was not bad per se, lack of mobility was a major issue. “The attorneys always had a hard time working remotely,” says Robin Griffith, firm administrator at Gardner Skelton.

But what had once been just a nuisance became a deal breaker in 2020. To solve it, Gardner Skelton teamed up with the law firm consultancy Circle Management Group (CMG), to bring their vision of complete mobility and amped-up productivity to life.  

Along with upgrading the firm’s practice management platform, CMG’s leadership team recommended that Gardner Skelton make the switch to NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based DMS. Not only would NetDocuments help the firm’s attorneys get work done from anywhere and on any device — including smartphones, tablets, and home computers — the platform would also provide superior security for their confidential documents and data.

Together, Gardner Skelton and CMG planned an ambitious 90-day timeline for implementation and change management with a dedicated training plan for administrators and end-users on the NetDocuments platform and other new tools. 

Now fully implemented, the Gardner Skelton team is incredibly pleased with the results — both the dramatic improvement in their technology and the exceptional level of service and attention to detail provided by Circle Management Group. 

“Everyone loves the mobility of the cloud-based software,” says Griffith. “[Remote work] issues have disappeared completely, and now they feel it is very user friendly.”

Read the full case study to see how Gardner Skelton achieved their vision of mobility with Circle Management Group and NetDocuments.

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