Modern Enterprise Search Technology is a Game Changer in Legal

Mike Gregory, Director of Systems Engineering, BA Insight
Mar 26, 2021

Last year, BA Insight partnered with NetDocuments to announce NetKnowledge, which enables lawyers to search for enterprise content that resides both in NetDocuments and other sources directly from within NetDocuments. Since both the amount of data and the number of content sources that reside within law firms are constantly increasing, finding needed information has become that much more challenging.  

NetKnowledge powered by BA Insight, helps law firms bring all of their information and documents together to form a single source of truth, eliminating the need to perform multiple searches in different places. The integration provides access to information from more than 80 enterprise systems – all from directly within NetDocuments!

To share more information about how firms can benefit from enterprise search, we invite you to join the upcoming webinar entitled, Increasing Law Firm Efficiency with a Modern Enterprise Search Approach. This event, to be held March 30 at 12:00pm ET, will be a live Q&A panel discussion in which we discuss the challenges firms have faced with traditional enterprise search, which has resulted in the need to repeatedly build the same wheel, reducing productivity.  

As law firms are turning their sights to adopting more modern technology, their access to robust search tools is expanding, which will help lawyers save time and effort, growing their contributions to the bottom line. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about NetKnowledge and how it is helping law firms modernize their legal work. You’ll also view a live demonstration! Watch it now here.

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