Reza Parsia: The Newest Addition to CRN’s Most Influential Channel Chiefs
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Reza Parsia: The Newest Addition to CRN’s Most Influential Channel Chiefs

February 11, 2020

Each year CRN releases a peer-reviewed, partner-community vetted list of exceptional Channel Chiefs. The list is comprised of leaders with a proven track record of understanding the needs of partners and thereby building world-class partner programs to ensure everyone wins together.

This year, we are pleased to announce that our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Reza Parsia, was recognized on this highly sought-after list. With over 20 years in the field, Reza has a deep understanding of what it takes to create a mutually-beneficial partnership between organizations and businesses.

We sat down with Reza to get his thoughts on what it means to be named a CRN Channel Chief and the impact it has on the NetDocuments partner community.

Q. Tell us about your background. What led you to focusing on partnerships as a career?

A. I’ve always worked in technology in some capacity, but my passion has been around channel development from the very beginning due to the unique challenges associated with building a high-performing, scalable channel. Overcoming those challenges and reaching a winning model that functions as an extension of an organization’s technology and business is exciting.

Q. Is there a mentor in your past that has set you on this current path?

A. I believe part of being a good leader is knowing that you don’t know everything, and learning from all the folks around you. I have been lucky to have many mentors in my time that I look up to, including former leaders and direct reports. I think it’s also important to note that while you may also experience poor leadership in your career, focus on the positives and learn what not to do from them. Every experience can be a learning opportunity if you are open to it!

Q. What does it mean to make it on the CRN Channel List for you?

A. I’m not big on a lot of recognition, but being named a CRN Channel Chief is really validating. Because it’s reviewed and voted upon by the partner community, it shows that partners not only like to work with me, but they trust me to help them be successful.

Q. What does it mean industry-wide to make it on the list?

A. This list puts us on the map for partners looking to grow. It demonstrates what we’re trying to do here at NetDocuments and that we’re serious about growing channel partners in a smart, sustainable way that’s going to give a lot of value back to our partners.

If I were a partner and was thinking of who to work with, I know I would want to join with someone who has built successful programs before.

Q. What is the proudest moment of your career?

A. I believe everyone has speed bumps in their career. You can either decide to learn from them and grow or ignore them.

Early in my career, right out of college, I experienced what society would deem as failures. As I look back, I’m extremely proud of those years because what I learned during them proved to be invaluable and it helped me set a baseline for how to win for the last 20 years of my career.

Because of these experiences, I know without a doubt that a winning partnership means there’s a mutual understanding for success—and winning looks like building something that is successful and profitable for the company and the partner.

Q. Any future plans for the NetDocuments partner community that you can share?

A. We have a lot of exciting things coming that we are rolling out through 2020!

One thing I can share is that we’re building the infrastructure for a smarter partner program, which means it’ll be easier for partners to work with us over time. We’re also going to reward partners who invest in our business.

We’re excited to already be working with hundreds of partners on building this infrastructure and look forward to growing the network into a program that benefits every participant.

We’re thrilled to have Reza Parsia heading up partnerships at NetDocuments and know that our partners far and wide will be benefiting from his leadership and expertise. If you’re interested in becoming a NetDocuments partner and joining NetDocuments.

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