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Winning Together: NetDocuments Leadership Recognized by Utah Business

April 19, 2022

In March, Utah Business named its 2022 CEO of the Year winners, which included our very own CEO, Josh Baxter. And now, we are also excited to share that Matt Hemmert, NetDocuments General Counsel, has been recognized as Corporate Counsel of the Year. Both honorees embody the NetDocuments culture of winning together – which the entire organization lives by.

A CEO That’s All About People

According to Utah Business, the CEO of the Year award recognizes “the CEOs who have led their organizations with strength, courage, and endurance and have made it their mission to change the way we do business in Utah.”

With Josh Baxter, and our company at large, “changing the way we do business” extends far beyond Utah. It’s what drives our 375+ employees globally, and it’s the dependable innovation counted on by 3,500+ law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector entities that leverage our cloud-first, cloud-only platform to organize, secure, and collaborate on their most important documents, emails, and discussions.

When asked by Utah Business what’s most rewarding about the job and industry, Baxter has a one-word answer: PEOPLE. "This industry is filled with smart, hardworking, thoughtful people. I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by many next-level thinkers. I’ve been blessed to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with people who want to solve problems, build businesses, and mentor others."

As mentioned in his recent Silicon Slopes Magazine feature and subsequent interview with Silicon Slopes TV, Josh explains that the company has never lost sight of the teamwork it took to build the business on its way to becoming the industry unicorn it is today. “As we continue to expand, and more and more talented professionals join our team, we look forward to the diverse experience and depth each of them can add — ultimately creating an even stronger organization where we can win, together.”

A General Counsel Who Helps Teams Navigate

Utah Business shares that as in-house counsel, lawyers have the opportunity to help their companies develop short-term goals and long-term strategies. Matt Hemmert is one of the 2022 Corporate Counsel honorees who are “helping Utah’s companies navigate the legalities of a post-pandemic world.”

Hemmert has been with NetDocuments just a little over a year, but he’s already had a lasting impact on the Legal function he leads and how contracts are handled and executed specific to required workflows. Ultimately, more efficiency in the contract process has greatly benefited new customers, especially small to midsize law firms (SML), which typically don’t have vast legal contract resources.

Matt has notably made an impression on the SML Sales team, and customers; where prior to his arrival, the contracting process was complex and tiresome. Mike West, Vice President of SMB Sales commented, “Within three months or so of Matt starting and us talking about what we can do to improve the customer contract experience, he came up with a streamlined process that eases the burden on both new customers and our internal teams.”

Navigating and executing contracts with customers took time and required resources that were not readily available. Matt helped the team re-imagine and re-work the process to make it seamless for customers to get onboarded to the platform even quicker.

West concludes: “Thanks to Matt and his team, we have processes in place that have saved time for our internal teams and — even more importantly — our new customers. Matt’s ethics and leadership skills are on full display every day, and the proof, in this case, is in the contracts.”

Interested in “winning together” with NetDocuments? Check out our current career opportunities and other Awards & Accolades, showcasing other award-winning people and products.

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