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The NetDocuments platform services hundreds-of-thousands of customers and is built to ensure that your ever-changing business needs are met. We deliver a constant and continuous experience around the globe and on and device.

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Ready. Proven. Safe.

Since inception, NetDocuments has delivered a robust yet constantly improving infrastructure for storing content. Today, we serve over 4,700+ customers, and onboard millions of files daily for our customers worldwide.

Our platform enables new technologies that go beyond storing content to deliver scalable, resilient, and innovative solutions you demand.

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Our Platform

Every NetDocuments solution leverages the capabilities of the NetDocuments platform — a reliable, scalable, and secure global technology infrastructure that puts 25+ years of content services innovation and expertise available to work for your organization.

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Instantly make your organization compliant with more than 38 different standards and regulations when you adopt the One Cloud platform.


Gain all the advantages of a global, multi-tenant content services infrastructure that provides the technology foundation for every NetDocuments solution.


Use a robust family of APIs, integrations, and partner offerings to quickly integrate your NetDocuments solution with the other tools and systems you depend on.


Protect your NetDocuments content with entropic key generation, dual custody keys, and other advanced encryption technologies.


Use a convenient single pane of glass to securely access content libraries from around the world through a desktop app, web browser, or mobile device.

One Cloud

The advantages of One Cloud, delivered equally, and globally to all customers is the foundation for every NetDocuments solution.

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One Cloud replaces the legacy, fragmented application infrastructure of traditional document management and delivers a unified platform. Our One Cloud allows customers to immediately inherit enhancements – regardless of how customer location or size.

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Take advantage of improvements and new capabilities the instant they become available.

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Tap into a global cloud infrastructure that supports billions of documents and scales instantly to support your evolving needs and requirements.

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Entrust your most valuable content to a fast, efficient, and secure enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with a long record of performance and reliability.


Use a robust family of APIs, integrations, and partner offerings to quickly integrate your NetDocuments solution with the other tools and systems you depend on.

In every legal organization or department, content must interact with and flow safely between different systems and applications. The NetDocuments platform makes that possible—with a family of platform APIs, Microsoft Office integrations, and an active partner ecosystem that all work together to connect NetDocuments content with the tools you depend on.

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Connect NetDocuments with the Microsoft applications you use to create, share, and collaborate on documents and other content.

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Use a library of flexible APIs to extend NetDocuments content and capabilities to a diverse range of systems and applications.

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Take advantage of a rich partner ecosystem to enhance your NetDocuments platform with third-party solutions and capabilities.


Protect your NetDocuments content with entropic key generation, dual-custody keys, and other advanced encryption technologies.

Basic, entry-level encryption capabilities are simply not enough to meet the requirements of your legal organization. That’s why the NetDocuments platform offers advanced capabilities like entropic key generation, dual-custody encryption keys, and the ability to apply granular levels of encryption to your documents.

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Protect your organization from advanced attacks by using natural algorithms to generate encryption keys that are exponentially more difficult for attackers to break than traditional keys.

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Use dual-custody encryption keys to instantly and completely revoke access to content and make it impossible for anyone to access or disclose encrypted information.

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Exercise granular control over the encryption keys that protect your documents down to the level of specific matters.

Unified Service

Enjoy a single location for your team to work, unifying your organization around content and ensuring you have one trusted source of digital content for your team and organization.

With its powerful multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, NetDocuments gives you a single, unified access point for content located anywhere in the world—even when it’s stored in different libraries. This single pane of glass approach means you always have complete, secure access to all of your content from any device you choose.

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Improve performance by storing content close to the people who need it—and make it easily accessible from any device.

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You can store documents anywhere in the world within a single user interface.

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You never have to switch between domains or applications to access all of your content. Instead, simply login to access multiple repositories that you belong to.


Instantly make your organization compliant with over ten different standards and regulations when you adopt NetDocuments.

Keeping your organization compliant with privacy and security regulations and standards is a complex, expensive, and never-ending task. Fortunately, NetDocuments has already done the hard work on your behalf. Our platform has earned compliance certifications—verified by third-party auditors—for nearly a dozen different privacy and security standards. And because every NetDocuments client leverages the same multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, you automatically inherit all of those certifications and credentials the instant you adopt the platform.

Compliance Certification for AICPA SOC Type 2 Soc 2.Compliance Certification for AICPA SOC Type 2 Soc 2 privacy.Compliance Certification for AICPA SOC Type 2 Soc 2 for security.Compliance Certification for /iso 27001.Compliance Certification for /iso 27017.Compliance Certification for /iso 27018.Compliance Certification for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.Compliance Certification for GDPR Ready.Compliance Certification for FIPS level 3 validated 140-2.Compliance Certification for FinraCompliance Certification for HIPAA HiTech.

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