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A Look Inside ndMAX

Discover how to Maximize the Power of AI and Leverage AI Responsibly

ndMAX is a groundbreaking series of AI-powered products thoughtfully embedded throughout the NetDocuments platform and purpose-built for the legal community. It enables law firms and legal teams to maximize the power of AI by combining their expertise and intelligence contained in their documents with the security and guardrails of NetDocuments.

Our first product available in the ndMAX suite is PatternBuilder MAX, which enhances NetDocuments’ native, no-code document assembly and workflow capabilities by enabling firms to create custom generative AI prompts and automations tailored to the needs of specific practice areas and legal tasks. Some powerful use cases include:

  • Generate branded and formatted draft documents based on internal precedents and playbooks
  • Extract information from documents and save extracted data to a database
  • Compare third-party contracts against a firm’s own contracting clauses and best practices for inconsistencies and omissions
  • Instantly summarize documents like depositions and automatically save the summary to the correct workspace

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