AI Responsibly with ndMAX

Maximize the power of AI by combining your expertise and intelligence contained in your documents with the security and guardrails of NetDocuments.

Finally, a secure AI solution that’s as client-centered and process-obsessed as you are.

ndMAX is a groundbreaking suite of AI-powered products thoughtfully embedded throughout the NetDocuments platform and purpose-built for the legal community. From time saved on simple tasks like document drafting to driving complete legal workflows, maximize your practice’s productivity for speed, impact, and accuracy — all within the security and user guardrails to leverage AI responsibly.

What Customers are Saying...

“Generative AI has the potential to reshape the legal services market – which is why we’re excited to partner with NetDocuments on the launch of ndMAX. These capabilities will allow us to responsibly use our precedents and other written expertise to be more responsive to client requests and significantly improve matter efficiency.”

Dr. Alex Bazin

CTO / Lewis Silkin
"New initiatives like ndMAX are one of the key reasons we chose the NetDocuments cloud platform in the first place. Bringing new capabilities and innovation to market with tremendous care and foresight, securely and reliably, natively within the platform, address our current and future needs and technology ambitions.”

Blake Rooney

CIO / Husch Blackwell
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Critical to the legal industry. Crucial to your practice.

Legal Workflow Automation, Maximized Within One Platform

Allow comprehensive AI solutions to deliver an advantage that is undeniably your own. By learning from your documents, your data, and your domain expertise, ndMAX helps develop strategies for smarter, faster, and always-accurate client and internal solutions. The suite of ndMAX AI solutions addresses a wide range of legal workflow needs, reducing the risk, complexity, and expense of managing numerous AI products from multiple vendors while still providing a variety of highly useful AI tools.
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Powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services

A solution as innovative as ndMAX requires support and backing from the industry’s most trusted and capable tech providers. When you work with ndMAX, you also get the performance, assurance, and expertise of Microsoft Cognitive Services security.

Purpose-Built for the Legal Community — Never at the Cost of Security

Delivering on a long-awaited need for the industry, ndMAX develops and derives workflow process solutions from your firm's individual data, documents, and intelligence — with AI capabilities that unlock the potential of your organization’s information while keeping it protected and secure within the NetDocuments platform.
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Introducing the first product available within the ndMAX suite

This exciting new product enhances NetDocuments’ native, no-code document assembly and workflow capabilities by enabling firms to create custom generative AI prompts and automations tailored to the needs of specific practice areas and legal tasks. There are out-of-the-box apps available, plus our no-code approach allows you to easily build, modify, and tailor apps specific to your unique use cases and needs.
"Right now the legal market is flooded with generative AI products, and it's hard to separate fact from fiction. The beauty of PatternBuilder MAX is we don't have to pick a solution; we will have a tool to build our own customized generative AI workflows, whenever we want, in minutes. And each workflow we build will sit securely inside the platform we trust to store and manage our content every day."

David Worth

CIO / Nelson Mullins

Key Features

Embedded into NetDocuments, so you can harness the knowledge within your documents
Ensures responsible use and addresses AI security and privacy concerns
Empowers your team with AI-based apps for internal and external use
Allows you to organize automations by matter, practice group, or department
Delivers an easy way to create and manage more effective prompts for your specific use cases
Enables legal-centric capabilities across the document lifecycle because it's part of the DMS​

Popular Use Cases for PatternBuilder MAX

PatternBuilder MAX makes it easy to automate many common legal tasks with generative AI. Here are some of the use cases it can support:

Generate branded and formatted draft documents based on internal precedents and playbooks
Extract information from documents and save extracted data to a database
Compare third-party contracts against a firm’s clauses and best practices for inconsistencies and omissions
Instantly summarize documents like depositions and automatically save the summary to the correct workspace
Quickly build out customized scripts for questioning witnesses in depositions or at trial
Ask plain-language questions about the information in your documents and get back clear answers
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Download a Recent Report from Infotech that Reviews PatternBuilder MAX

“PatternBuilder MAX is a no-brainer from an ROI perspective.” – Info-Tech 2023 Research Report

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Here are some resources to help law firms and legal teams take advantage of AI responsibly.
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