Data Loss Prevention

Included in the PROTECT solution

Simplify and strengthen your data security with Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP helps you classify content, create and enforce policies to control user actions, and prevent documents from leaving the security of your NetDocuments system in a few clicks—making it easier to keep sensitive content safe from data breaches, exfiltration, and unauthorized or inappropriate use.

Control and Enhance Information Protection

Create and enforce policies that control what actions authorized users can take on documents within the NetDocuments system.

Use DLP by NetDocuments to control the actions that users who are authorized to access a document can take on them. Provide an additional layer of control to safeguard sensitive information.

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Classify Sensitive Information

Apply classifications and policies at the cabinet, profile attribute, or document level.

Simply apply rules by classifying documents or directly applying polices at multiple levels. DLP by NetDocuments takes an additive approach, assessing all the rules applied at different levels when the document is accessed.

Protect Sensitive Data from Human Error

Prevent unauthorized or malicious users from inappropriately distributing NetDocuments content.

DLP protects your NetDocuments files from human error and disgruntled employees alike. When just controlling access is not enough, prevent users from misusing content—preventing malicious or accidental user actions at their source.

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"Better Features, Better UI. We needed a document management solution a couple of years ago that would allow us to find old, editable text documents in multiple ways, since our legacy practice management software made it impossible to find documents unless you already knew which file they were in. The key NetDocuments feature is in-document text search. We can now search for documents using a key phrase in the document itself, rather than needing a title or tags. If you have a good title and tags, documents are that much easier to find."

- Michael Lusk, Travis Law Office

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