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Safely organize, package, and share content with clients, customers, outside counsel, and other internal and external groups.

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Create a safe, managed space for productivity and collaboration

Set up secure, sharable workspaces (similar to extranets or deal rooms), compile and organize content, and collaborate on document sets with people inside and outside your organization. DELIVER offers you another efficient way to inspire your best work—by creating and maintaining a single source of truth for cases and projects, streamlining governance, and reducing the time and costs of compiling documents.

Core Technologies

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Share and collaborate intuitively, securely, and in a way that brings you and your clients closer together.

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Quickly organize documents into sets or binders and securely distribute compiled content to everyone who needs it.

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Discover the advantages of a comprehensive content platform.

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Transform your documents into inspired work

That's Work Inspired.

Reach new levels of productivity and collaboration with industry-leading document management, email management, and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions built specifically for legal professionals.

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Protect valuable content with advanced security

That's Work Inspired.

Add additional controls and protections beyond NetDocuments’ award-winning security capabilities —reducing the risks of unintentional or malicious data breaches and leaks.

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Accomplish more in less time

That's Work Inspired.

Coordinate teams and tasks, facilitate real-time team communication, streamline task management through checklists and workflows, and make it easier to share and collaborate on documents.

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Create a safe, managed space for productivity and collaboration

that's work inspired.

Set up and maintain sharable workspaces, compile and organize content, and collaborate on document sets with people inside and outside your organization.

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Turn all your content into a single source of truth

that's work inspired.

Use a convenient single pane of glass to securely access content libraries from around the world through a desktop app, web browser, or mobile device.

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"We made the move to NetDocuments about 6 months before the coronavirus pandemic, and we are so thankful we did! With NetDocuments, our attorneys can work remotely just as easily as in the office.  During the rushed transition to get everyone up and running from their homes, we didn’t need to do any additional setup or make any adjustments with regard to NetDocuments.  It was already fully functional for everyone, regardless of where they logged in from.  Had we not moved from our old document management system to NetDocuments, our firm would have faced a nightmare. We would have had a significant period of business interruption while we configured and implemented a way for everyone to access our client’s files. With NetDocuments, we experienced absolutely no lag in productivity."

- Kathy J. Hamilton, Director, The Blum Firm, P.C.

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