Secure Document Collaboration

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Why Is Secure Document Collaboration Important?

Digital collaboration is no longer optional. In fact, it is essential for keeping business moving forward. CollabSpaces makes it easy to securely share content from your NetDocuments system — no third-party file sharing service or extranet necessary. And because CollabSpaces is so intuitive and easy to use, external clients and colleagues can access and collaborate on content without extra time, training, or tricky licensing restrictions.

Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

Encourage and support your team’s effort to share and collaborate safely with people inside or outside your organization — including clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel, and other groups.

Layered directly into NetDocuments, CollabSpaces enables you to quickly and easily share files outside of the organization. There’s no need to maintain a second system just for document sharing or create duplicate files for certain reviewers. Everything happens in one easy-to-manage space.

Plus, NetDocuments is available on desktop and mobile devices, so everyone can access and collaborate on documents whenever and wherever they are.

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Store Every File in a Single Platform

Keep shared documents inside NetDocuments, where they remain protected by governance and security policies.

You don’t have to release documents into the wild to collaborate with different stakeholders — they stay housed securely inside the NetDocuments platform. Each CollabSpace automatically inherits all rules, governance, and retention policies administrators set for the matter workspace, giving you total peace of mind that every file shared is managed in accordance with your policies.

How Secure Is Your Data?

Take advantage of built-in administrative features to maintain control over sensitive documents.

Maximize the security of your documents by having greater control. Each file added to a CollabSpace is encrypted using the same industry-leading security you receive across NetDocuments.

Audit Access to CollabSpaces

Gain full transparency and audit control over which documents are shared and who can access them.

Administrators have complete control over who can create CollabSpaces and the access rights within them. However, to simplify sharing workflows, administrators can also delegate the ability to create CollabSpaces to trusted users.

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Communication Options

Of course, collaboration is more than just sharing documents. That’s why NetDocuments provides a full suite of tools to help you collaborate and communicate more effectively around the projects or matters you’re working on without clogging up your inbox, including:

  • ndMail is a suite of email management and productivity tools that help keep your inbox organized, collaborative, and efficient.
  • Margin Notes simplifies document revision cycles by making it easy for everyone to preview, annotate, share, and mark up documents in real-time.
  • ndThread provides legal professionals with a secure real-time messaging tool so they can share, comment on, and discuss files with a colleague or larger group.
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Benefits of NetDocuments

As part of the NetDocuments platform, CollabSpaces take your ability to collaborate to the next level — without compromising on security or productivity. You get to enhance collaboration while still enjoying the robust capabilities and features NetDocuments has to offer, including:

  • Cloud-based document management
  • State-of-the-art security infrastructure
  • Anywhere access via web or mobile device
  • Advanced version control
  • … and much more.
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"Disregard of all the madness of COVID-19, I think this is actually an effective way for our users to realize the value of NetDocuments, able access their documents from anywhere without having to worry about accessing the Share-drive."

- Tin Le, Manager, Financial and Information Systems, BBAM

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