FlexStore and FlexStore Pro Cloud Storage

Technology add-on to the PROTECT solution

FlexStore gives you control over the location of your information—by facilitating geo-aware content storage. FlexStore Pro adds near-site content encryption and decryption, so you can accelerate the delivery of secure content to users around the world.

Control Your Information’s Location

Store files in a specific location to meet local information residency requirements. This includes storing information in your own data centers, or in Microsoft Azure and/or Amazon storage.

FlexStore provides peace of mind by allowing you to define your storage location to a specific country or region, giving you a reliable method to meet your regional information governance policies.

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Accelerate Your Workflow

Use FlexStore Pro to move the cryptography process closer to users.

FlexStore Pro utilizes the Distributed Cryptographic Service (DCS) to move the cryptography process closer to the end users. By keeping this process closer to the users, FlexStore Pro can help mitigate any disruptions to workflow without sacrificing security.

Unify Data Around the Globe

Create a single document library that spans multiple locations around the world.

Access, edit, and save documents and emails even if you store the files in another country with FlexStore. The service automatically stores your information based on the Matter, Client or any other metadata attribute, as as needed to meet regional governance requirements, providing peace of mind via the NetDocuments cloud.

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