Highlights Powered by LexisNexis®

An add-on to the LEARN solution combining the benefits of Lexis® Search Advantage and NetDocuments.

Enrich your documents with citations, automatic classifications, and entities with Highlights Powered by LexisNexis®. Easily access the resources you need to prepare your documents and strengthen your case — all conveniently within the NetDocuments interface.

Streamline Searches

Tackle your research in the same place you manage your documents.

Instead of navigating between multiple systems, Highlights brings key information directly to you. There’s no need to parse through manual searches or repeatedly copy and paste citations from one window to the next. Just upload your documents and Highlights does the rest, saving you time and effort.

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An Award-Winning New Tool

Prior to its release, Highlights was selected as a 2022 National Law Journal "Technology Trailblazer" for its game-changing legal research and knowledge management solution. Technology Trailblazers recognizes those "who have moved the needle in the legal industry," and Highlights definitely has done that.

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Better, Faster Preparation

When litigation research is this easy, you can cover more ground in less time.

When you upload your document to NetDocuments, it is automatically passed through the LexisNexis analysis engine to identify — and link to — the citations in your documents. That means it’s easier than ever to review cited documents, provide copies to important parties, and ensure your information is relevant to the case you’re working on.

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Keep Arguments Up-to-Date

There’s no need to worry about citing an overturned ruling — Highlights has your back.

Make sure you’re using the most recent precedent and no overturned rulings. When you use Highlights, real-time Shepard’s Signals™ are automatically applied in NetDocuments to tell you if the cited document is still current law. Then you can quickly determine if your cited documents are helpful, neutral, or harmful to your argument.

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The Power of LexisNexis®, Inside NetDocuments

With Highlights, you get the benefits and research capabilities of LexisNexis® from inside the NetDocuments cloud. Now, your firm can save on hardware, maintenance, and the stress of dealing with multiple systems. Highlights: Two great tools together in one place.

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Build a Game Plan

Knowledge is power, and with the right information at hand, you’ll be better prepared to win.

Highlights connects you to LexisNexis, putting information about legal entities, including judges, companies, attorneys, and key witnesses at your fingertips. That means you can tailor your argument based on the strengths, trends, and opportunities you discover — and increase the odds of reaching your desired outcome.

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One Stop Due Diligence

Imagine a world where entities are extracted from documents for you and all their data is just a couple clicks away.

With the company data that is automatically extracted from your documents by Highlights, you can quickly access a treasure trove of corporate details within LexisNexis to perform due diligence research faster than ever before. The data at your fingertips includes SEC filings, analyst reports, financial data, news stories, and more.

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No Heavy Lifting

No hardware, no IT, and no maintenance necessary — just seamless research and document preparation.

With Highlights added to your NetDocuments instance, you don’t need your own hardware and IT team to take advantage of the wealth of information in LexisNexis. And it’s all conveniently available within the document management system.

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"When we had to relocate to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were so pleased to know that security was a non-issue because of NetDocuments' native-cloud capabilities."

- Charles Collins, Ward and Smith, P.A.

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