Margin Notes: Collaborative Document Viewer

Included in the PLAN solution

Simplify document reviews by making it easy for everyone on your team to preview, annotate, share, and mark up documents in real-time without ever sending an email or downloading a file to your desktop.

Collaborate without Sacrificing Team Productivity

Facilitate centralized feedback, comments, and discussions on documents without ever removing them from your secure NetDocuments environment.

Communicate content edits clearly and quickly reference feedback with Margin Notes. Users can quickly add comments to a document directly from the preview window, enabling your team to collaborate without downloading or opening the document itself.

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Organize Document Versions

Avoid "checkout wars", multiple document copies, version conflicts, and other issues that naturally occur when groups need to review, revise, and comment on the same document at the same time.

Collaborate in real-time and communicate around the document, without editing directly within the document. By doing so, you avoid the need to wait for a colleague to check a document in so you can work, or create a duplicate version that may not include someone else’s edits.

Control Client Redlining

Provide clients with an easy way to provide feedback without enabling edit access.

Comments are stored in a separate layer as the document, which means when requesting client feedback via Margin Notes you are simultaneously providing guardrails to avoid accidental (or untracked) modifications without any extra effort on your part.

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Use the Document as an Anchor for Discussions

Maximize collaboration in context of a matter or project, using the document as an anchor for those discussions. Plus, add links to other resources and files to add context and encourage discussions and collaboration.

Want to share a document that supports your feedback? Add links to files within your comment to avoid long, confusing email discussions where context for suggested edits can be quickly lost.

Learn More about Margin Notes

Learn More About Margin Notes

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