ndSync: Legal File Sync Software

Technology add-on for the ORGANIZE solution

Support your remote employee’s productivity by giving them secure, local access to every file and document they need, regardless of internet connection, with ndSync: a robust, reliable two-way file syncing solution for Macs and PCs.

Synchronize Files Across Devices

Automatically keep all the files within specific folders and workspaces (or those related to specific matters) organized, up-to-date, and available on your local computer.

Say 'goodbye' to downloading, saving, and re-uploading inconsistent files. Instead, empower collaboration by ensuring both you and your co-workers have access to the most recent files on your computer.

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Organize Consistently On and Off the Cloud

Define and maintain directory structures to keep file organization uniform between the cloud and your local machine.

Define a folder structure locally on your computer that automatically syncs to the cloud, preserving consistency and ease of use both on and off the cloud.

Automate Offline File Syncs

Automatically upload new files you create offline and save in synced directories the moment you re-connect to the Internet.

ndSync helps you avoid confusion and streamline collaboration by syncing cloud and computer file copies automatically upon reconnection, so you know you’re always working off the latest version of your files.

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Control Sync Frequency

Maintain control over which workspaces, folders, matters, and files you sync to your local machine. You can also control when and how often your files sync—or initiate a file sync manually.

Select a workspace, folder, or file with ndSync to update content on a regular basis, or manually initiate syncs as needed.

Manage Access to Sensitive Data

Take advantage of centralized administration features to restrict access or lock down applications and data if your machine is lost or stolen.

Get peace of mind with enterprise-wide administration features that allow you to control access to data. If your computer is lost or stolen, centralized administration features—such as application wiping—can restrict access and protect your data.

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"The integration between Microsoft and NetDocuments cloud technologies helps make secure document management seamless to our joint users."

- Rob Howard, Director of Office 365, Microsoft

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