A search engine that delivers intelligent insights from across your organization, powered by Upland BA Insight.

Your business has lots of applications and information sources — from CRM to intranets, accounting, HR, document management, email, and network document storage — and each comes with their own search tool. What if you could find all relevant information with one internet-like search?

With NetKnowledge, you can finally replace the slow, frustrating process of searching through different systems individually with a single search experience that brings everything together in one place and surfaces relevant results, so you can make intelligent business decisions.

Find Everything You Need in One Location

Employees require instant access to previous documents, ideas, official policies and procedures, and more. Most systems have an advanced search feature, but only for the data that system manages.

NetKnowledge delivers a single, authoritative source to your organization's best or official answer — curated, boosted, and prioritized. With this solution, you can dramatically increase knowledge worker productivity and efficiency by bringing enterprise search to where users work, taking advantage of Upland BA Insight’s powerful enterprise search capabilities that provide access to information across your organization.

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Streamline Workflow

Make NetDocuments part of your enterprise search solution without enduring the time- and resource-intensive process of repeatedly downloading and indexing your NetDocuments content.

Traditional enterprise search can require extensive customization and metadata mapping. Simplify your search while surfacing rich insights with NetKnowledge — find and present the most relevant data to users, without heavy customization or mapping of metadata.

Make Data More Manageable

Bring the growing number and variety of information sources in your organization together into one unified, federated, and fully searchable source of knowledge, insights, and truth.

Employees require instant access to the best ideas, organizational expertise, official policies and procedures. Existing business systems have advanced searches, but only for the data they manage. Because NetKnowledge connects to any organizational data source, it allows you to combine information needed for your organization to run, improving employee productivity over time.

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Secure All of Your Sensitive Information

Maintain existing data access policies. When users perform searches, they are presented with information they have legitimate access to — and nothing else.

Sensitive information may need to be restricted to certain individuals, but they should be able to find that data via enterprise search. NetKnowledge respects data restriction policies at the source and will only present information to individuals who have proper access rights.

Complete and Thorough Compliance

Have the confidence of knowing that the best information is located through one user experience, without ever sacrificing security for productivity.

With NetKnowledge you have the confidence of knowing that content security is respected and helps reduce risk. Plus, you may curate best practices through knowledge management contributions.

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"Our firm was utilizing iManage for many years. With the anticipated cost of upgrading, we researched various options and found NetDocuments to be the most user-friendly and value-oriented. The package we built for our firm includes all integration modules giving attorneys and staff the ability to file documents via email, within the Microsoft office suite and from the web interface.

NetDocuments also provided "back text search scanning" for all our existing documents so the search functionality is far superior to what we had in iManage. We also have the AI email filing feature which consistently gets kudos from our attorneys and staff as a time saver. We will be deploying Office 365 in coming weeks which will allow secure document retrieval and editing in the cloud which will reduce traffic on the firm’s terminal servers and offer an additional workflow option from any computer.

During this work from home period, users are consistently working more efficiently, and we receive positive feedback for migrating to NetDocuments.

While the migration from iManage to NetDocuments was a very large project over several months, with a 3rd party working with our IT consultant, we had a very good experience and outcome."

- Sheri M. Stone, Administrator, Aronberg Goldgehn

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