Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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NetDocuments optical character recognition (OCR) speeds up your document searches by digitizing and indexing entire documents and images. Working behind the scenes, NetDocuments OCR ensures every piece of content added to your NetDocuments platform becomes an easily searchable piece of your collective knowledge.

Automate Searchability of All Documents

OCR automatically reviews content added to your NetDocuments database to locate non-searchable images and documents (e.g. PDFs), analyzes the content, and then digitizes the documents to ensure all documents are fully searchable and indexed.

By digitizing all types of documents, you can save time and ensure a complete and thorough search is conducted – including images and PDFs. It also helps avoid redundancy or the need to recreate the wheel, as documents stop playing hide and seek.

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Monitor and Quickly Convert New Documents

Actively monitor and convert new documents into searchable content.

Active monitoring of new documents automatically converts documents for you so that you never lose track of content in your database. As soon as a non-text file is added to the system (e.g. a PDF), it will be assessed and analyzed to capture content and transform it into text that can be fully indexed and searched.

Scan and Prioritize Old Content

Carefully scan backlogs of legacy documents and convert them over time based on priority order.

Never recreate an old client file again. Utilizing the same technology used to create new, searchable documents, NetDocuments OCR transforms existing documents into searchable content so you never have to look back.

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Compress Documents

Make large documents manageable and easy to access.

Get the documents you need on any device by compressing the file size, thus ensuring that it can be viewed and downloaded over any network connection.

Optimize Document Conversion

Leverage the latest OCR technology to save lost text and minimize conversion errors.

For scanned documents, OCR corrects font size problems that commonly disrupt the OCR workflow. Additionally, pixel correction smooths text over images, preventing lost text or characters. These processes mean less conversion errors in document creation and a more powerful, functional database to support your work.

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