Tasks: Legal Team Project Management

Included in the PLAN solution

Build customized workflows within workspaces to track team members’ activities and progress from one convenient location. The information you add to Tasks is fully secured, just like any other file in NetDocuments.

Create Easy-to-Follow Task Lists

Create task boards for projects or matters that display tasks in either a card or list view.

Using an intuitive task structure, tasks may be viewed in a board or list format at a team level, and a list format at a personal task level. At-a-glance, both boards and lists give insights into assignee, due date, tags, and stage of a task.

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Manage, Track, and Organize Projects

Track and organize all of the stages, deadlines, and deliverables associated with specific projects or matters.

Customize stages, tags, and colors to organize your work based on what is best for the matter, your team, or the firm. Stages appear in both board and list views.

And, using the My Tasks view, you may quickly reference personal tasks and deadlines across each project or matter assigned to or created by you – ensuring you never fall behind and always stay on track.

Connect Relevant Content

Connect and provide easy access to relevant documents and resources.

Work in the context of the project at hand by copying or linking any document stored within a related task matter for quick access, reference, or discussion. Easily collaborate on documents or track their progress all from one centralized location.

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Share, Communicate, and Execute

Securely share documents and collaborate on deliverables.

With Tasks, you can solve challenges in context of the work being done. For example, you may use details and discussion threads to add information to a task, ask and answer questions, and provide updates.

Search and Find What You Need

Quickly identify the status of a key task.

With search and filter, you may quickly identify if a key task was completed or check on the status of a tree of tasks.

With so many tasks likely in the queue, you can save time by simply typing a Task (or owner) name into the search bar and at-a-glance see how many sub-tasks have been completed. Alternatively, you can use ‘filter’ functionality to view only tasks by specific teams.

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Notify Collaborators of Important Information

Receive email notifications about upcoming deadlines.

Stay on top of your workload without extra effort by assigning tasks to collaborators in a project based on matter access. All assignees receive an email notification when tasks are assigned, or when a task changes status, to ensure no one ever misses a beat.

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