The Growth of the Consultancy Model and the Future of SME Law Firms

Graphic for webinar event hosted by NetDocuments

The increase in consultant firms we are seeing is reshaping mid-market and high street operations, with existing business models at risk of being disrupted. As a result, SME law firms are under increased pressure to adopt and align with this strategy - investing in IT infrastructure and reducing back-office costs. But when most firms are facing historic lows in available cash, with partners generally reluctant to commit additional capital, what are the options to survive and thrive in a shifting market? Join this webinar for a debate on whether the consultancy model is threatening the future of traditional operations and if SME law firms can remain competitive by optimising and prioritising the following tech initiatives:

Technology transformation as a strategic imperative
Evolving ways of addressing critical technology needs
The changing nature of work and its implications for talent and culture
Governance requirements for shifting risks and opportunities

Find out the answers to these and other questions as we separate fact from fiction and debunk common cloud myths.

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Graphic for webinar event hosted by NetDocuments
Graphic for webinar event hosted by NetDocuments