NetDocuments is now FedRAMP authorized!

The security and reliability that our customers come to depend on is available
for government and federal agencies.

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When You Stop Searching and Start Working - That's Work Inspired.

When the pressure is high to “get it right,” you need a technology partner you can trust. Our platform provides a way for government teams to manage documents effectively, communicate efficiently, and collaborate easily — all while maintaining industry-leading security. And with fewer technology troubles, you can focus on what really matters: doing great work.

Maximize Productivity

Find what you need, when you need it — no sweat.

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Defend Your Data

Be confident in the security of your confidential data.

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Stay in Sync

Communicate quickly and effortlessly with your team.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Make it easy to work with internal and external stakeholders.

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Create Big Wins

Get into the nitty-gritty of user behavior to work smarter.

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Less Searching, More Doing

Disorganization is the nemesis of productivity. How are you supposed to do your best work when the information, documents, and messages you need are scattered and siloed? All that searching adds up to a lot of wasted hours and inefficiency.

A powerful document and email management platform makes it easy to stay organized and productive. With advanced searching and tools like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can ensure every document you save will be easy to search and find. The less time you spend digging for files, the more time you have to focus on rewarding work.

Maximize Productivity with ORGANIZE
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Stay Secure and Compliant

Keeping files protected shouldn’t impede your productivity. That’s why industry-leading security is woven directly and seamlessly into our platform.

With pass-through compliance and advanced tools like Workplace Security Manager, Data Loss Prevention, geo-aware content storage, and Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK), NetDocuments offers award-winning security and control over your data.

NetDocuments is now FedRAMP Authorized as of May 2021.

Defend Your Data with PROTECT

Always Be on the Same Page

Delayed communication, siloed information, and unaddressed bottlenecks are big hurdles to effective work and productivity. To keep work moving smoothly, your team needs to stay connected and in sync.

NetDocuments creates a single source of truth for all your files. Tools for real-time messaging, project management with customizable workflows, document reviews, and ChatLink for Microsoft Teams give your team even more power to improve communication and stay on top of important tasks.

Stay in Sync with PLAN
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Work Together Better

Collaborating with other teams, entities, or outside counsel is challenging — and keeping your documents protected from unauthorized eyes adds another layer of difficulty.

That’s why we designed our platform to face the complexities of modern work. With CollabSpaces, you can keep control of sensitive documents while collaborating outside your team. Meanwhile, SetBuilder makes it easy to digitally compile and distribute document sets.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Smarter Technology, Smarter Decisions

Investing in technology is supposed to help your team work more effectively. But how do you know you’re getting the most out of your tools?

Analytics provides clear visibility into user behavior, platform performance, and document usage. With deeper, more actional insights into how your team is engaging with your documents and platform, you’ll have the information needed to drive inspired work across your organization.

Access Key Insights with LEARN
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“We wanted a best of breed, highly customizable system that could support our user base of approximately 3,050 employees. NetDocuments ticked the right boxes in terms of our overall needs, in particular security, collaboration, mobility, and compliance and have a solid, proven multi-tenant platform solution.”

- John Hunter, CIO, Council of Europe

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