Agencies need reliable cloud-based technology solutions for effectively storing, managing, and protecting the millions of documents that are created and shared internally and with constituents. NetDocuments is the only FedRAMP Authorized document management platform built for legal professionals that transforms all your content into an unstoppable engine so you can better serve citizens and constituents and seamlessly meet mission objectives — because your teams are enabled to do their very best work.
A Seamless Work Experience for Local, State, and Federal Legal Professionals

Increase Your Impact

Speed up document and email filing with NetDocuments’ native AI technology and seamless integrations with Microsoft. Effortless organization means you can spend more time focused on building the perfect memo, handling more case files, or simply building stronger relationships across agencies and departments.

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Find What You Need, When You Need It

Increase and maintain your momentum while building the perfect memo or organizing  case files with fast and efficient document searches. NetDocuments’ enterprise search capabilities are as intuitive (and powerful) as your favorite search engine.

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Engage in Secure, Real-time Collaboration

Share digital documents with internal or external stakeholders — including elected officials, local agencies or offices, nonprofit organizations, and even citizens — anytime, anywhere from the safety of the NetDocuments DMS.

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Skip Security Interruptions

Security and compliance measures are built into every aspect of your NetDocuments experience — meaning access controls, action prevention, and industry-leading encryption are nearly automatic.

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Learn why over 4,700+ organizations trust NetDocuments to secure their files and support their teams.

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"We believe in a single platform, as organizations deserve best-in-class software that works seamlessly with their existing technology stack. NetDocuments delivers innovation you can depend on."

- David Orchard, Administrative Manager/Director of Client Services- Kutak Rock