When You Find the Balance Between Compliance and Profits - That's Work Inspiredtm.

Balancing legal requirements and business targets is the enduring challenge of corporate legal teams. But business stops for no one, so it’s crucial to reduce administrative and operational tasks that pull your team away from impactful work. With the right tools in your arsenal, you can increase productivity, collaborate more effectively, and spend more time supporting strategic initiatives—without ever compromising security or compliance.

Supercharge Productivity

Organize and store files in a single click so you never lose an important document or email again.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Make the right choice and the easy choice for your teams with built-in certifications and pass-through compliance

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Deliver Big Value

Remove tedious, administrative tasks so your team can focus on strategic initiatives like building stronger business relationships.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Get your documents in front of the right people — internal or external — without increasing risk.

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Create Big Wins

Analyze and improve user behaviors and platform performance with key user, workspace, and platform insights.

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Search Less, Do More

When “stretched thin” doesn’t begin to cover it and you face relentless pressure to do more with less, you have to be able to get mundane tasks out of the way quickly and leverage previous work whenever possible. Digging for buried contracts, requests, agreements, and organizational knowledge is time your team can’t spend on higher-value work—a needless waste of internal resources.

A powerful document management platform makes it easy to find what you need with advanced search capabilities like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), so you can get work done faster and stop reinventing the wheel. Then it streamlines the process of creating, saving, organizing, and versioning documents, so you can spend less time on administrative tasks more time making an impact.

Supercharge Productivity with ORGANIZE
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No Sacrifices, No Compromises

Choosing between compliance and company needs is enough to try any team’s sanity and patience. But often placed as the last line of defense for protecting the company, your team finds themselves playing tug-of-war between corporate initiatives and risk protection.

That’s a battle where no one wins.

That is, unless you have document and email management with award-winning security, Data Loss Prevention, and customized ethical walls. With confidence in your document’s security, you’re free to turn your focus towards corporate initiatives to ensure compliance from the start.

Stay Secure and Compliant with PROTECT

Be a Valued Part of the Business

Legal teams may often be seen as a cost center versus a driver of true business value. And, when your team is buried in mundane tasks, forced to outsource work (even when it’s in their wheelhouse), and constantly deal with difficult tech that doesn’t play nice—well, it’s hard to look like the dream team.

But what if you could reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and leverage expertise across the business?

With legal-centric document management you can. Instant messaging makes it easy to share new information with the entire team quickly, while project boards keep everyone in lock-step on important tasks—helping teams focus less and on administration and more on supporting strategic initiatives. That’s how you stop being a “necessary evil” and become something the C-suite can’t live without.

Deliver Big Value with PLAN
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Coordinate, Communicate, Collaborate

Your documents are constantly being passed back and forth. Whether you’re working with outside counsel or across the organization, it can be challenging to share and provide feedback on documents securely and effectively.

With a platform that’s designed for the intricate and detailed nature of legal work—including tools like CollabSpaces and SetBuilder—you can streamline processes across teams and locations, internal or external.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Build Better Business Relationships

Showing your organization that you’re more than just “naysayers” is easier said than done. That's why it's crucial not just to protect against loss, but to create wins for the business.

While the legal department may not be known for its flexibility, the right tools—like document analytics and NetKnowledge—help in-house legal teams embrace innovation and modernize their workflows.

With deeper, more actionable insights into your documents and how your team engages with them, you’ll have the information you need to drive inspired work across your organization.

Access Key Insights with LEARN
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