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Complex, changing regulations are a big challenge in the healthcare industry, which means lawyers serving hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and health systems must pay closer attention to compliance, security, and governance than ever before. Meanwhile, demands on the business side are also growing in both volume and complexity—further adding to the legal department’s workload. Fortunately, with the right tools in hand, you can help your team increase productivity, communicate effortlessly, and collaborate more easily —without ever compromising security.

Maximize Productivity

Quickly locate previous work to leverage for new projects while automating and simplifying tedious administrative processes.

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Stay Secure & Compliant

Be confident that your data is always under the best protection with leading encryption and advanced compliance and governance tools.

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Communicate & Coordinate

Stay connected and increase communication  with real-time messaging, customizable task boards, and more.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Keep your documents inside the safety of your document management system—even when sharing them externally.

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Be More Strategic

Modernize workflows and enhance your ability to deliver services with user, workspace, and platform analytics.

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Search Less, Do More

The legal needs of hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers, and healthcare systems are extensive and varied, which leaves in-house counsel with a lot on their plates. To manage these demands effectively, you need tools that empower you to work efficiently, leverage previous work, and automate administrative tasks.

With the help of a powerful document management platform, you can streamline searching, creating, reviewing, and organizing documents so you can spend more time on high-value work.

Maximize Productivity with ORGANIZE
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High Security Standards, No Sweat Compliant

Hospitals and health systems face a challenging regulatory landscape. The standards of security and compliance are demanding, and frequently changing, which means you need to be aware of how your technology partners manage your documents and data.

Fortunately, NetDocuments provides industry-leading security and retains numerous compliance certifications, which our customers automatically inherit. With additional security tools like Data Loss Prevention and Workspace Security Manager, you can have full confidence in the security of your documents and data.

Stay Secure & Compliant with PROTECT

Keep Your Team in Sync

It’s hard to work effectively as a team when you have communication hurdles and unaddressed bottlenecks. Searching through buried emails, response delays, and coordinating between dispersed teams can make it hard to say connected and keep work moving smoothly.

With NetDocuments, your team can stay in sync with secure, real-time messaging; project management with customizable workflows, and ChatLink for Microsoft Teams. And with stronger communication, you can keep your team moving together in the right direction.

Communicate & Coordinate with PLAN
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Work Together Better

Security and compliance are a top priority, but they can also make collaboration between internal and external teams needlessly difficult. You have to ensure that every document you share stays organized and protected from unauthorized eyes.

But what if your files never had to leave the security of your document management platform — even when you’re sharing them with people outside your organization? With CollabSpaces, it’s easy to maintain control over sensitive documents, so you can work together seamlessly and securely.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Be a Strategic Business Partner

You’re not just doing legal work — you’re providing a perspective on the business of healthcare that is crucial for success. And while you may currently be overwhelmed with work, you can change that and create big business wins with the right insights.

Technologies like document Analytics and NetKnowledge can give you deeper, more actionable insights into how your documents and system are being used, so you can modernize workflows and drive inspired work across your organization.

Unlock Insights with LEARN
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“Our previous DMS was on-premises and was limited in how our attorneys could connect. With NetDocuments being cloud-based, our users can work from anywhere on nearly any device.”

- Robert Sawyer, IT Director, McDonald Carano, LLP

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