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Unleash Your Expertise with Modern Document and Email Management for Legal Teams

Sports organizations have expansive legal needs, requiring general counsel and in-house legal teams to bring their unique insight to all areas of the business. But managing documents and collaborating across varied projects securely and effectively can be challenging. With tools to improve productivity, protect confidential information, streamline communication, simplify collaboration, and leverage data, your team will be equipped to deliver their best work.

Supercharge Productivity

Deliver higher-quality work faster with a platform that makes administrative processes nearly invisible so your team can stay focused on high-impact work.

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Defend Your Data

Get the security you need without sacrificing productivity using advanced tools that protect your content end-to-end.

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Deliver Big Value

Communicate effortlessly and increase your team’s ability to collaborate effectively with collaboration tools tailored specifically for legal workflows.

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Coordinate & Collaborate

Work seamlessly across departments without disrupting document organization or taking security risks.

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Unlock Key Insights

Enhance your workflows with key insights into user behavior,workspace usage, and platform performance.

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Less Time Searching, More Time Doing

As in-house counsel of a sports business,you’re deeply involved across the organization, which means you need the best tools in your arsenal to make the most of your time and energy.

A powerful document and email management platform improve efficiency, support work quality and consistency, and increase your team’s speed of execution—all while making your life easier. With a reliable, secure platform to create, edit, store, search,and collaborate on documents, your team can give complete focus to high-valuework.

Supercharge Productivity with ORGANIZE
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Stay Secure and Compliant

Your organization depends on your legal expertise — including the laws and regulations that govern confidential information and communication. But protecting the confidentiality of those documents and data is easier said than done when you’re sharing them with individuals and groups in a variety of departments.

Unless, of course, your document and email management platform offers industry-leading security. With advanced tools like customized Workspace Security Manager and Data Loss Prevention, you can be confident your data is secure without compromising your productivity.

Defend Your Data with PROTECT

Be the Legal Dream Team

In the business of sport, legal is often seen as a “necessary evil” rather than a driver of true business value. And if your team is mired in administrative work and constantly combatting tech challenges, it’s hard to look (or feel) like the dream team.

Legal is uniquely positioned to see the big picture of a sports organization, which means your influence is particularly valuable — but only if you have the bandwidth to showcase it.

By increasing productivity, streamlining communication with real-time messaging, and managing complex workflows more efficiently, you can unleash your team’s full power.

Deliver Big Value with PLAN
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Work Together Better

You are completely embedded within your organization, and while that has its advantages it also means your time is always in demand—regardless of if you have a difficult regulatory submission deadline approaching or not.

NetDocuments is designed to support the complex needs of legal work by making it easy to organize and compile large collections of documents and then share them securely with stakeholders inside and out of your organization. Tools like CollabSpaces, SetBuilder, and PatternBuilder make it even easier to work fluidly together.

Collaborate Seamlessly with DELIVER

Harness the Power of Your Top Users

The intersection of law, sport, and business isn’t all fun and games (or contracts and litigation) — it’s being a trusted business advisor and contributing strategically to revenue goals.

With tools like Analytics, legal teams for sports organizations can get deeper, more actionable insight into how their content is being used and created by their top performers—and leverage those insights to modernize workflows that drive inspired work across the organization.

Unlock Insights with LEARN
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- Paula Semeyn, Dickinson Wright PLLC

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